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* Abbreviation: SC = softcover

* Any Bibliographies (JFK Or Related)

* Any Foreign Imprints On JFK Assassination Or Related Topics

* Any Texas Imprints (JFK Or Related)

* Ephemera On 20th Century:

Assassinations/Unexplained Deaths -- Esp. JFK, RFK, But Also Huey Long, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Etc.

Leaflets, Programs, Tickets, Magazines

* Memoirs Of US Intelligence Officers/Veterans Of Anti-Castro Campaigns

* Books By/On Edward G. Lansdale & Lucien Conein

* Operation Zapata - "Ultrasensitive" Report & Testimony Of Board Of Inquiry On The Bay Of Pigs.



Adams, P. & Newcomb: Murder From Within.

Archer, J.: Plot To Seize The White House.

Arnoni, M.S.: Death Of A President.

Ashman C.: CIA/Mafia Link. SC Original.

Ayers, B.: War That Never Was.

Baker, D.: Assassination Of President Kennedy: Study Of Press Coverage.

Bamford, J.: Puzzle Palace.

Belin, David: Any.

Belli, M.: Dallas Justice.

Bloomgarden, H.: The Gun.

Blumenthal, Ed.: Government By Gunplay. SC Original.

Bonner, J.: Investigation Of A Homicide.

Bowart, W.H.: Operation Mind Control. SC Original.

Brashler, Wm.: The Don.

Brenner, M.: The Garrison Case.

Bringuier, C.: Red Friday.

Brooks, S.: Our Murdered Presidents.

Buchanan, T.: Who Killed Kennedy?. (Esp. UK Ed.)

Bugge, B.: Mystique Of Conspiracy.

Capell, E.: Strange Death Of Marilyn Monroe.

Carr, W.: Texas Supplemental Report Of The JFK Assassination.

Cartwright, G.: Dirty Dealing.

Chapman, G. & A.: Was Oswald Alone?. SC Original.

Collins, Herbert: Presidents On Wheels.

Committee To Investigate Assassination: American Political Assassination: Bibliography. SC Original.

Crawford, C: Critical Reactions To The Warren Report.

Currey, C.: Edward Lansdale.

Curry, J.: JFK Assassination File. SC Original.

Cutler R.B.: Any Title By Author.

David, J.: Weight Of The Evidence.

Davidson, J.: Oswald's Game.

Davis, Nord: Dallas Conspiracy.

Davis, W.: Aiming For The Jugular In New Orleans.

Dee, J.: Lee Oswald Did Not Kill President Kennedy Alone.

Deighton, Loxton, Rand: Assassination Of President Kennedy - Jackdaw Kit. Board Game.

Demaret & Plume: Target DeGaulle.

Denson, R.B.: Destiny In Dallas.

Dulles, A.: Craft Of Intelligence.

Dunshee T. & Duncan: Motorcade - 11/22/63.

Eddowes, M.: November 22 - How They Killed Kennedy.

Eddowes, M.: Oswald File.

Epstein E.: Counterplot. 1st Ed.

Evans, M.: The Assassination Of Joe McCarthy.

Exner, J.: My Story.

Feldman H.: Fifty-One Witnesses. SC Or Magazine.

Fensterwald, B.: Coincidence Or Conspiracy?. SC Original.

Flammonde, P.: Kennedy Conspiracy.

Ford, G.: Portrait Of An Assassin.

Freeman, L & Hartogs: Two Assassins.

Galante, P.: The Marseille Mafia.

Garrison, Jim: Heritage Of Stone.

Gershenson, A.: Kennedy & Big Business. SC Orig.

Gertz, E.: Moment Of Madness.

Goddard, D. & Coleman, L.: Trail Of The Octopus.

Goff, K.: Crackpot Or Crackshot?

Goranoff, K.: Why Did You Kill Your President?

Gordan, B.: One And One Make Two Sometimes.

Groden, R. & P. Model: JFK: The Case For Conspiracy. SC Original.

Gun, N.: Red Roses From Texas.

Hale, H & Irwin: Bibliography. JFK.

Hanson, W.: Shooting Of JFK.

Hartogs & Freeman: The Two Assassins.

Heaps, W.: Assassination.

Hersh, B.: The Old Boys.

Higham, C.: Trading With The Enemy.

Hinckle, W.: If You Have A Lemon...Make Lemonade.

Hoch, Scott, Stetler: Assassinations: Dallas & Beyond. HB & SC.

Holz, D.: Conspiracy In Dallas.

Houghton, R.: Special Unit Senator.

Hoyle, J.: Wound Analysis I & II.

Hudson, J.: Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe.

Hunt, E. H.: Give Us This Day.

Hunt, E. H.: Undercover.

Hunter, D. & A. Anderson: Jack Ruby's Girls.

Hurt, H.: Reasonable Doubt. 1st Ed. In DJ.

Jansen, G.: Why Robert Kennedy Was Killed.

Jenkins, J.: JFK: A Catalogue.

Jenkins, J.: Neither The Fanatics Nor The Faint-Hearted. HB & PB Eds.

Joesten, J.: Any title.

Jones, J. H.: The Minuteman.

Jones, J. H.: The Private Army.

Jones, P.: Forgive My Grief I-IV.

Kaiser, R.: RFK Must Die!

Kantor, S.: Who Was Jack Ruby?

Kaplan J. & J. Waltz: The Trial Of Jack Ruby.

Karmin, J.: Myth, Fantasy Or Fact?

Kennedy, Edward: The Fruitful Bough.

Kennedy, J. F.: Why England Slept.

Kennedy, John: As We Remember Joe.

Kennedy, Robert: Just Friends And Brave Enemies.

Kennedy, Robert: Pursuit Of Justice.

King, R.: Gambling And Organized Crime.

Kirkwood, J.: American Grotesque. 1st Ed. In DJ.

Knight, Janet, Ed.: Three Assassinations: The Deaths Of John & Robert Kennedy & Martin Luther King.

Kruger, H.: The Great Heroin Coup.

Kurtz, M.: Crime Of The Century.

Lane, M.: Citizen's Dissent.

Latham, A.: Orchids For Mother.

Lattimer, J.: Kennedy & Lincoln.

Lawford, Pat: That Shining Hour.

Lawrence, L.: Were We Controlled?

Leek, S. & B. Sugar: The Assassination Chain.

Lewis, R. & L. Schiller: Scavengers And Critics Of The Warren Report.

Lifton, D.: Document Addendum To The Warren Report.

Light, R. & C. Marzani: Cuba vs. The CIA. Pamphlet.

Luttwak, E.: Coup D'Etat.

MacFarlane, I.: Assassination Of JFK.

MacFarlane, I.: Proof Of Conspiracy.

Mader, J.: Who's Who In The CIA.

Marks, Stanley: Any Title On JFK.

Martin, D.: Wilderness Of Mirrors.

Marzani & Munzell: Any Title Published By...

Maxfield, M. & Wise: The Day Kennedy Died.

Mayo, J.: Bulletin From Dallas.

McCord, J.: A Piece Of Tape. Lsc.

McCoy, A.: The Politics Of Heroin.

McDonald & Moore: LBJ & The JFK Conspiracy. SC Original.

Meagher, Sylvia: Any title.

Medhi, M.T.: Kennedy & Sirhan - Why?. SC Original.

Melanson, P.: The Politics Of Protection.

Melanson, P.: The RFK Assassination.

Messick, Hank: Any.

Meunier, R.: Shadows Of Doubt.

Miller, T.: The Assassination Please Almanac. SC Original.

Morin, R.: Assassination: The Death Of John F. Kennedy. SC Original.

Morrow, R.: Betrayal.

Moss, A.: Disinformation, Misinformation And The Conspiracy To Kill JFK Exposed.

Moyers, B.: The Secret Government.

Murray, N.: Legacy Of An Assassination.

Nash, H.C.: Citizen's Arrest.

Naylor, R.T.: Hot Money And The Politics Of Debt.

NBC: Seven Hours And Thirty Minutes.

NBC: There Was A President.

Newcomb, J.: JFK: Annotated Bibliography.

Newman, A.: Assassination Of John F. Kennedy: The Reasons Why.

Noyes, P.: Legacy Of Doubt. SC Original.

O'Toole, G.: The Assassination Tapes.

O'Toole, G.: The Private Sector.

Oglesby, C.: Yankee And Cowboy War - HB & PB.

Oswald, M.: Aftermath Of An Execution. Magazine Format.

Oswald, R.: Lee: Portrait Of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Pabst, R.: Plodding Towards Terror.

Philips, D.A.: Night Watch.

Pomerantz, C.: Mood Of The Nation 11/22 - 11/29 1963.

Popkin, R.: The Second Oswald. SC Original.

Powers, T.: Man Who Kept The Secrets.

Rajski, R.: A Nation Grieved.

Ralston, R.: History's Verdict: Acquittal Of Lee Harvey Oswald. SC Original.

Ramparts Magazine: Single Issues & Runs.

Ramparts: In The Shadow Of Dallas.

Research Pub.: Almanac Of Jim Garrison's Investigation.

Roffman, H.: Presumed Guilty.

Russell & Sellier: Conspiracy To Kill A President. SC.

Russell, B.: 16 Questions Of The Assassination.

Sable, M.: Bio-Biblio Of The Kennedy Family.

Sahl, M.: Heartland.

Sauvage, L.: Oswald Affair.

Scott, Peter Dale: Any title.

Shannon, E.: Desperados.

Shihab, A.: Sirhan.

Siegenthaler, J.: Search For Justice.

Simpaon, C.: The Death Of James Forrestal.

Sites, P.: Oswald And The American Dream.

Smith J.: Portrait Of A Cold Warrior.

Smith, Matthew: Second Plot.

Smith, William R.: Any Titles On Assassination.

Sparrow, J.: After The Assassination.

Speriglio, M.: Marilyn Monroe: Murder Cover-Up.

Sprague, R.: Taking Of America 1-2-3, Any.

Sullivan, W.: The Bureau.

Summers And Dorril: Honeytrap.

Szulc, T.: Compulsive Spy: Strange Case Of E. Howard Hunt.

Tackwood, L.: Glass House Tapes. SC Original.

Tastomona, T.N.: It Is As If: Curious Aspects Of JFK Death.

Thomas, H.: Cuba.

Thompson, J.: Six Seconds In Dallas. HB & SC.

Thompson, W.C.: Bibliography.

Thomson, G.C.: Quest For Truth: A Quizzical Look At The Warren Report.

Thornley, K.: Oswald. SC Original.

Turner, W.: Power On The Right.

US Gov't: Comm. On Gov't Operations - Joseph McCarthy.

US Gov't: Hearings Before The Select Committee On Assassination. 28 Vols., 12 JFK Vols., Final Report, or loose volumes.

US Gov't: HUAC Hearings.

US Gov't: John F. Kennedy, Presidential Papers.

US Gov't: Kefauver Committee Hearings.

US Gov't: McClellan Committee Hearings.

US Gov't: Presidential Campaign Of 1960.

US Gov't: Warren Commission Report -- 26 Vol. Set Or Loose Vols.

Vosjoli, P.: Lamia.

Warner, D.: Who Killed The President.

Weissman, S.: Big Brother And The Holding Company.

West, J.R.: Death Of The President: Warren Report On Trial In New Orleans. Magazine Format.

White, S.: Should We Now Believe The Warren Report?

Will G. & O. Demaris: Jack Ruby.

Wrone, D. & D. Guth: The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy: A Comprehensive Historical And Legal Bibliography, 1963-1979.

Youngblood, J. & R. Moore: The Devil To Pay.

Youngblood, R.: 20 Years In The Secret Service.

Zib, W.: Reason JFK Was Murdered.

Zwart, J.: Invitation To A Hairsplitting.


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