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(5535) [Magazine] THE DAN SMOOT REPORT. Five bound volumes. 1960-1964. Chronicle of one of the leading right-wing critics of JFK and his policies. ... $175.00

(5534) [Magazine] HUMAN EVENTS: Five bound volumes. 1960-1962. Important conservative journal of the time. Gives view of much Republican opposition to JFK and his programs. ... $125.00

(5328) {Magazine}: TEXAS MONTHLY, Nov. 1998. Cover story: The JFK assassination, includes articles on the conspiracy theories, the 2 Oswalds, the witnesses, the evidence. ... $8.00

(5321) {Magazine}: LIFE, Nov. 21, 1960. Cover story: The Victorious Young Kennedys. ... $15.00

(5320) {Magazine}: LIFE, Dec. 19, 1960. Cover story: the Kennedys and their son, at Christening. ... $12.50

(5317) {Magazine}: LIFE, October 2, 1964. Cover story: The Warren Report: How the Committee Pieced Together the Evidence. Article by Gerald Ford. Includes Zapruder frames. ... $15.00

(5316) {Magazine}: LIFE, July 10, 1964. Cover story: Oswald's full Russian diary. ... $15.00

(5309) {Magazine}: LIFE, March 20, 1960. Cover story: Hubert and Jack in Wisconsin. ... $8.00

(5308) {Magazine}: THE TEXAS OBSERVER, Nov. 29, 1963: THE LAST VOYAGE OF MR. KENNEDY. 16 pages. 7 pages of this issue deal with time spent in San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas. ... $40.00

(5203) [Newsletter] STEAMSHOVEL PRESS Issue #19. 2002. St. Louis, Mo. 46 pgs. Articles on September 11, UFOs, Bush, and a short story on the Kennedy assassination. ... $7.00

(4948) {Magazine} The Texas Observer (newspaper format) November 29th 1963: "THE LAST VOYAGE OF MR. KENNEDY". VG, light wear, some foxing., 7 pages of 16 page issue deal with JFK's trip to Texas ... $50.00

(4895) {Magazine} Playboy, October, 1967: PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: JIM GARRISON. photocopy ed..Fine cond.., 39 pgs., ... $7.50

(4057) {Assassination Memorial Magazine}: DALLAS CONSPIRACY #2 - PARDON ME, BUT.... Northpoint Teams, NC 1994, F cond., 39 pgs., Real assassin is on South side of Elm St. - uses machine pistols....$5.00

(316) {Assassination Magazine}: STEAMSHOVEL PRESS - ISSUE #9. 1993, VF., JFK, MPM, LSD, & the CIA...$4.00

(2338) {Assassination Magazine}: STEAMSHOVEL PRESS - ASSASSINATION CALENDAR 1994. Steamshovel, MO 1993, LSC original, VF., Photos, calendar with dates of many assassinations...$9.00

(3217) {Assassination Magazine}: STEAMSHOVEL PRESS - ISSUE #10. 1994, VF., 60 pgs., Mary Pinchot Meyer & JFK, pt. 2...$4.00

(3771) {Assassination magazine}: STEAMSHOVEL PRESS - ISSUE #11. VF., 57 pgs., JFK,MPM,LSD & the CIA, pt. 3...$4.00

(4394) {Assassination Magazine}: STEAMSHOVEL PRESS - ISSUE 15. MO 1996, F cond.., JFK Redux: The Sinister World of David Ferrie...$4.50

(2112) {Assassination Magazine}: THE BEST OF HIGH TIMES #11. 1992, 1st ed. ed. VF., 98 pgs., 9 pg. article on Stone movie, and the media disinformation campaign by Steven Hager...$5.00

(4052) {Assassination Memorial Magazines}: THE KENNEDY QUARTERLY NEWSPAPER. 1992, F cond tabloid format., Paper on assassination distributed at Grassy Knoll....$4.00

(4631) [Assassination Magazine]: THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT - DEALEY PLAZA MEMORIAL EDITION BY ROBERT J. GRODEN AND DIANE J. ALLEN. self published, Dallas 1997, Fine cond.., 36 pgs. ....$8.00

(3774) {Assassination magazine}: WHY THE BRITISH KILL AMERICAN PRESIDENTS. VF., 31 pgs., Includes multiple attempts on Clinton. LaRouche publication...$4.00

(3125) Butler, Ed: SQUARE MAGAZINE: THE GREAT ASSASSIN PUZZLE, PT 1 & 2. Westwood Square, CA 1968, F in original mailing envelope, SIGNED., 53 pgs., Original magazine with authorized photocopied 8 pg. pt. 2. SCARCE...$15.00

(4667) {Magazine}: ESQUIRE - NOVEMBER 1991. VG+ cond.., Cover story: JFK, the Movie - Oliver Stone reshoots history by Robert Sam Anson...$7.00

(4668) {Magazine}: GQ - JAN. 1992. VG+ cond.., The Furor over "JFK" articles about Stone by Jennet Conant and Garrison by Nicholas Lemann...$6.00

(1990) {Magazine}: LIFE, NO DATE. VG., JFK Memorial edition...$10.00 b. second copy, Good only ....$6.00

(2006) {Magazine}: LIFE,04/19/68. VG., Martin Luther King Funeral, Coretta Scott King on cover....$9.00

(2007) {Magazine}: LIFE,04/26/68. International spy scandal - Lamia, JFK letter to DeGaulle...$5.00

(2008) {Magazine}: LIFE,06/21/68. Cover: James Earl Ray & Sirhan Sirhan...$9.00

(2019) {Magazine}: LIFE: 11/24/72. VG., Cover: Wallace fights back....$5.00

(2052) {Magazine}: LOOK: 01/28/64. VG., Cover story: Valiant is the word for Jacqueline...$6.00

(4662) {Magazine}: NEWSWEEK - OCT. 5, 1964. VG cond.., Cover story: 32 pgs. on Warren Commission Report...$10.00

(3288) {Magazine}: NEWSWEEK: 12/23/91. Why Oliver Stone's New Movie Can't be Trusted....$5.00

(2065) {Magazine}: POST: 11/21/64. VG., Undying Heritage of JFK: articles by Joseph Alsop, Anne Chamberlain, Jimmy Breslin...$5.00

(4665) {Magazine}: PREMIERE, JAN. 1992. VG+ cond.., Oliver Stone's "JFK" - The director takes a stand by Oliver Stone....$7.00

(4656) {Magazine}: TIME, DEC 23, 1991. VG+ cond.., JFK: The Movie and the Evidence....$5.00

(4651) {Magazine}: U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, AUGUST 30-SEPT.6, 1993. VG+ cond.., Cover story, excerpt from Case Closed by Gerald Posner....$5.00

(4660) {Magazine}: U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT - OCT 10, 1966. VG+ cond.., Cover story: Truth About Kennedy Assassination. 19 pg. article includes interview with Arlen Specter...$8.00

(4684) {Memorial Magazine}: THREE GREAT MEN: KENNEDY, CHURCHILL, MCARTHUR. Special Publications, LA, CA 1963, VG cond.., 97 pages on JFK...$17.50

(2113) Undercover: ARTICLES ON OSWALD'S LINKS TO INTEL, CUBAN CHRONOLOGY, ASSASSINATION OF DIEM. 63 pgs.., Copy of complete magazine...$6.00

(3773) {Conspiracy magazine}: DEFEAT BRITAIN'S TERROR WAR AGAINST THE USA. VF., 23 pgs., Includes Oklahoma was an Act of International Terrorism. LaRouche publication...$4.00

(4148) {Conspiracy Magazine}: IT DIDN'T START WITH WACO. New Federalist, VA 1995, F mag., 23 pgs., LaRouche publication on Waco...$4.00

(4537) Demaris, Ovid: DIRTY BUSINESS. Harper's Magazine Press, NY 1974, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 442 pgs., Corporate-Political Money-Power game....$8.00

(4643) [Magazine]: RAMPARTS, DEC 1974 - JAN 1975. some underlining, o/w VG+., Article on corruption in Vietnam by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herrman....$6.50

(4644) [Magazine]: RAMPARTS, SEPT 1972. VG+., Cover story - "How Nixon Tried to Sell San Clemente"....$8.00

(1966) {Magazine): LIFE,08/29/60. Nixon article 1960 campaign, U-2 spy plane...$5.00

(2011) {Magazine}: LIFE, 11/01/68. VG., Jackie & Ari's wedding...$5.00

(2046) {Magazine}: LOOK: NO DATE. VG., Cover:JFK and his Family in Pictures....$8.00

(4070) {Magazine}: TIME: ELECTION EXTRA 11/16/60. VG cond.., Special issue on the campaign and the President-elect....$12.50

(4669) {Magazine}: LIFE - MAY 10, 1968. VG+ cond.., The Stars Leap Into Politics - Celebrities Line Up for McCarthy and RFK....$6.00

(4670) {Magazine}: LIFE - MAY 17, 1968. VG cond.., Article on Indiana Primary....$5.00

(2010) {Magazine}: LIFE, 09/06/68. 1968 Democratic Convention....$5.00

(4671) {Magazine}: SATURDAY EVENING POST - AUGUST 24, 1968. VG cond.., The Big Showdown - Humphrey vs. McCarthy....$5.00

(2015) {Magazine}: LIFE, 07/17/70. Cover: Rose Kennedy at 80...$5.00

(1993) {Magazine}: LIFE,01/15/65. VG., Cover story: Ted Kennedy's recovery...$5.00

(2017) {Magazine}: LIFE: 06/11/71. Cover: Ted & Joan, opening of JFK Center....$5.00

(4672) {Magazine}: ROLLING STONE - JUNE 12, 1980. VG cond.., Cover Story: The Struggle of EMK: His fight to dump Carter and restore hope by Alexander Cockburn and James Ridgewax...$5.00

(4710) {Magazine}: TIME - JAN 10, 1969. VG cond.., Cover story: Senator Edward Kennedy becomes Minority Whip....$6.00

(4871) {Assassination Magazine}: STEAMSHOVEL PRESS - ISSUE #14. VF., 1995, Interview w/John Judge, articles of UFO and Oklahoma City ... $4.50

(4884) [Assassination Magazine]: THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT - DEALEY PLAZA MEMORIAL EDITION BY ROBERT J. GRODEN AND DIANE J. ALLEN THE REVISED EDITION. Fine cond.., self published, Dallas 1998, 38 pgs., Includes photographs of Connally's clothes ... $10.00


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