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Cuba/Latin America

(5705) Escalante, Fabian: THE CUBA PROJECT: CIA COVERT OPERATIONS 1959-1962. Second edition of The Secret War. New preface by Javier Salado. 195 pgs. LSC. Ocean Press, Melbourne, Australia. ... $17.00

(5755) Bamford, James: BODY OF SECRETS: ANATOMY OF THE ULTRA-SECRET NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY FROM THE COLD WAR THROUGH THE DAWN OF A NEW CENTURY. Hardcover. Doubleday, 2001. 721p. NF/NF. Signed. As well as revealing capability for listening in on global personal communications, there are numerous references to the Bay of Pigs and Operation Northwoods. ... $28

(5784) Perez, Louis A., Jr.: CUBA BETWEEN EMPIRES 1878-1902. Hardcover. University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 1983. 490p. NF/NF. Story of relations between Cuba, Spain and the United States. Much on the Cuban War for Independence. … $12.50

(5786) FAIR PLAY (NEWSLETTER FOR FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA COMMITTEE, NEW YORK). From Dec. 31, 1960, to September 16, 1961. Six different issues, each $10.

(5787) Student Council, FPCC: NEWSLETTER (FOR FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA STUDENT COUNCIL, NEW YORK). From Jan. 13, 1961, to Oct. 28, 1961. Five different issues, each $10.

(5789) WHY DO LATIN AMERICANS HATE AND FEAR THE UNITED STATES? A speech by Ray Duren, poet and author, to Fair Play for Cuba Committee, 1961. Includes Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen’s poem, Little Red. … $10

(5790) FIDEL CASTRO: CUBA’S SOCIALIST DESTINY JULY 26, 1961. Fair Play for Cuba Committee, 1961. 19p. … $10

(5788) Tampa Bay Chapter, Fair Play for Cuba: BI-LINGUAL NEWS LETTER. From Jan. 1963 to May 1963. Four different issues, $10 each.

(5681) Morera, Jose Luis and Rafael Calcines: THE CIA'S WAR AGAINST CUBA. National Information Service, Havana, 1988, 103 pgs., NF, LSC. Attempts to destabilize Cuba in the 80s. ... $25.00

(2166) Sergeyev, F.: CHILE: CIA BIG BUSINESS. Fine/Fine. Progress, Moscow. 1981. 248 pgs. Soviet view of overthrow of Allende. ... $25.00

(5622) Eisenhower, Dwight D.: THE WHITE HOUSE YEARS. VOLUME I: MANDATE FOR CHANGE 1953-1956. 650 pgs. VG+/VG DJ. 1st ed. 1963. Doubleday. VOLUME II: WAGING PEACE. 1956-1961. VG/worn DJ, 741 pgs. Doubleday 1965. 1st ed. This presidential memoir, interesting in itself, sets the stage for the JFK years. ... $17.50

(5606) Ackerman, E.C. "Mike": STREET MAN. 1976, 149 pgs., LSC, VG, inscribed by author This 11-year CIA career man specialized in operations against the Soviet Union, Cuba, and the PLO. After his resignation in 1975, he devoted his time to lecturing and writing on the need for an effective intelligence service. ... $30.00
b. second copy VG+ ... $20.00

(5605) Cabell, Charles P., Jr. (Brigadier Genl, USAF, Ret.), ed.: A MAN OF INTELLIGENCE: MEMOIRS OF WAR, PEACE, AND THE CIA. Impavide Publications, Colorado Springs, CO., 1997, 397 pgs. Fine/No DJ as issued. Over 100 pages devoted to his work at the CIA, including involvement with U-2 and the Bay of Pigs operation. ... $50.00

(5587) Webster, Sheldon Burton: HOUSE OF SUGAR: THE BAY OF PIGS, THE CIA MAFIA ASSASSINATION COSPIRACY. 288 pgs. 2002. 1st Books Library, Bloomington IN. HD fine/fine. ... $24.50
b. LSC ... $16.00

(1652) Lunt, Lawrence K.: LEAVE ME MY SPIRIT. Affiliated Writers of America. Tempe AZ. 1990. 277 pgs. Afterward by Wayne Smith. Story of American who spent 14 years in Castro's prisons ... $17.50

(5542) Conde, Yvonne: OPERATION PEDRO PAN. Rutledge, 1999, 248 pgs. NF/NF. Untold exodus of 14,048 Cuban children. ... $15.00 ... SALE PRICE $9.00

(5543) Paine, Lauran: THE CIA AT WORK. 1977. Robert Hale, publisher. London. 192 pgs. NF/NF DJ. ... Chapters on Bay of Pigs, Chile, Iran. $20.00

(4588) Brugioni, Dino: EYEBALL TO EYEBALL:INSIDE STORY OF THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. Random House, NY 1991, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 622 pgs., CIA Photo analyst looks at aerial reconnaisance ... $27.50 ... SALE PRICE $17.50

(5517) Batista, Fulgencio: CUBA BETRAYED. Vantage, NY, 1st ed., 1962, 332 pgs., NF/VG+ DJ. Memoir by Cuban leader giving his version of the takeover by Castro. Includes chapter on Bay of Pigs. ... $30.00

(5515) Helms, Richard with William Hood: A LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER: A LIFE IN THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Foreward by Henry Kissinger. Random House, 2003, 1st ed., 478 pgs. From the early days of Cold War through Watergate. Includes much on Mongoose and Nosenko. ... $35.00

(5461) Gutman, Roy: BANANA DIPLOMACY: U.S. IN NICARAGUA, 1981-87. 1988. ... $4.50

(4292) Halstead, M.: STORY OF CUBA. 1898 ... $4.50

(5440) Edwards, Jorge: PERSONA NON GRATA: A MEMOIR OF DISENCHANTMENT WITH CUBAN REVOLUTION. Preface by Octavio Paz. 1993. ... $4.50

(3123) Lorenz, Marita: MARITA. New York 1993, 1st ed. VF/VF., 272 pgs., Castro's lover turned CIA spy, tells of gunrunning with Oswald ... $23.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $10.00

(5043) Blight, James G.: THE SHATTERED CRYSTAL BALL: FEAR AND LEARNING IN THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. Littlefield Adams, Lanham, MD 1992, Lg. softbound, Fine cond.., 199 pgs., ... $17.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $11.00

(4575) Blight, James F. and David A. Welch: ON THE BRINK. Hill & Wang, NY 1989, 1st ed. VG+/VG+., 400 pgs., Americans and Soviets re-examine the Cuban missle crisis. Foreword by McGeorge Bundy ... $11.00

(4904) Breuer, William: VENDETTA! CASTRO AND THE KENNEDY BROTHERS. Wiley, NY 1997, 1st ed. VF/VF., 278 pgs., Revelations behind the anti-Castro plots ... $25.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $17.50

(4900) Lynch, Grayston L.: DECISION FOR DISASTER: BETRAYAL AT THE BAY OF PIGS. Brassey's, Washington 1998, 1st ed. VF/VF., 185 pgs., CIA participant challanges the historical record ... $25.00 ... SALE PRICE $20.00

(1434) Buckley, William F.: SEE YOU LATER, ALLIGATOR. 1985 paperback. Novel about Cuba, 1961. ... $3.25

(4864) Moscovit, Andrei: DID CASTRO KILL KENNEDY?. Oversize LSC, Fine cond. Cuban American Nat. Found., Miami, FL 1997, 1st US ed. ed. 392 pgs., Castro and the Mob were responsible for the murder of JFK. Translated from the Russian.1/98 ... $18.00

(5211) Casuso, Teresa: CUBA AND CASTRO. Random House, NY, 1961, 249 pgs., VG/VG. Former Castro supporter and Cuban diplomat tells why she broke with them. ... $10.00

(3775) Corn, David: BLOND GHOST: TED SHACKLEY AND THE CIA'S CRUSADES. Simon & Schuster, NY 1994, VF/VF., 509 pgs., Includes much material on JMWAVE ... $27.50 ... SALE PRICE $15.00

(5196) Gonzales, Servando: THE SECRET FIDEL CASTRO: DECONSTRUCTING THE SYMBOL. Spooks Books, California, 2001. Fine/Fine DJ. 491 pages. 1st edition. Author examines the symbolic and secret Castro, claiming among other things that Castro was behind the JFK assassination. ... $33.00

(4872) Radu, Michael & Vladimir Tismaneanu: LATIN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES: GROUPS, METHODS, GOALS. Pergamon-Brassey, Washington, DC 1990, 386 pgs., Evolution of political warfare and handbook of revolutionary organizations ... $17.50 ... SALE PRICE $8.00

(5111) Infield, Glenn B. UNARMED AND UNAFRAID: COMPLETE HISTORY OF AERIAL RECONNAISSANCE. Material on Cuba overflights and the U2. MacMillan. 1970. 1st edition. NF/NF. ... $20.00

(5104) Hopsicker, Daniel. BARRY AND THE BOYS: THE CIA, THE MOB, AND AMERICA'S SECRET HISTORY. Story of Barry Seal who was involved in the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Mena. Mad Cow Press, Notie Oregon. 2001. 518 pages. Fine/Fine. ... $30.00

(5009) Calvo, Hernando and Katlyn Declercq: THE CUBAN EXILE MOVEMENT: DISSIDENTS OR MERCENARIES?. Ocean Press, Australia 2000, 1st ed. LSC Fine cond. -- DUE IN LATE AUGUST., 183 pgs., An expose of the Cuban American National Foundation and anti-Castro groups ... $17.00

(4509) Arboleya, Jesus: HAVANA MIAMI: THE US-CUBA MIGRATION CONFLICT. Ocean, Australia 1996, 78 pgs. ... $10.00 ... SALE PRICE/FONT> ... $3.50

(___) Mankiewicz, Frank and Jones, Kirby: WITH FIDEL: A PORTRAIT OF CASTRO AND CUBA. Playboy Press: 1975. 269 pages, 1st ed. NF VG+ DJ. Extended interview has material on missile crisis, messages that passed between Castro and Kennedy, and Watergate. ... $11.00

(390) Mankiewicz, Frank and Jones, Kirby: WITH FIDEL. 1975 paperback. ... $3.25

(4508) Ricardo, Roger: GUANTANAMO: THE BAY OF DISCORD. Ocean, Australia 1994, 53 pgs., US Military base in Cuba ... $8.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $5.00

(4507) Mencia, Mario: THE FERTILE PRISON: CASTRO IN BATISTA'S JAILS. Ocean, Australia 1993, 250 pgs. ... $16.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $5.00

(4991) White, Mark J., editor: THE KENNEDYS AND CUBA. Ivan R. Dee, 1999 ... $29.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $15.00

((4175) LaFontaine, Ray & Mary: OSWALD TALKED. Pelican, LA 1996, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 456 pgs., Conversations with Oswald's cellmate ... $25.00

(4336) Sullivan, Marianne: KENNEDY RIPPLES: A TRUE LOVE STORY. Lillian James, CA 1994, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 435 pgs., A Priest, A Woman, and the Assassination of JFK - much on Cuban exiles in Dallas ... $21.00

(3620) Taber, Robert: M-26: THE BIOGRAPHY OF A REVOLUTION. Lyle Stuart, NY 1961, 1st ed. VG+/VG+., 348 pgs., History of Castro's revolutionary movement ... $20.00

(4965) Elliston, Jon: PSYWAR ON CUBA. Ocean Press, Melbourne, Australia 1999, 1st ed. LSC original, Fine cond.., 320 pgs., Declassified history of US Anti-Castro propaganda ... $22.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $15.00

(4966) Rodriguez, Juan Carlos: THE BAY OF PIGS AND THE CIA: CUBAN SECRET FILES REVEAL THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE 1961 INVASION. Ocean Press, Melbourne, Australia 1999, 1st ed. LSC original, Fine cond. AVAILABLE IN MARCH., Arriving via boat from Australia -- supposedly docking in March ... $17.00

(3798) Blum, William: KILLING HOPE: US MILITARY AND CIA INTERVENTIONS SINCE WWII. Common Courage Press, ME 1995, LSC ed. VF., 457 pgs., New edition of The CIA: A Forgotten History. Cuba, Guatemala, Chile, Vietnam ... $20.00

(4941) Hidalgo, Barney: HEY SPIC!. American Literary Press, Baltimore 1997, LSC original, Fine cond.., 95 pgs., Autobio of Cuban immigrant who infiltrated CP-USA for FBI, trained Brig #2506, served as case officer for CIA ... $9.00

(4936) Kornbluh, Peter, ed.: BAY OF PIGS DECLASSIFIED: THE SECRET CIA REPORT ON THE INVASION OF CUBA. New Press, NY 1998, LSC original, Fine cond.., 339 pgs., Includes Bissel's defense of CIA ... $18.00 ... SALE PRICE ... $12.50

(4900) Lynch, Grayston L.: DECISION FOR DISASTER: BETRAYAL AT THE BAY OF PIGS. Brassey's, Washington 1998, 1st ed. VF/VF., 185 pgs., CIA participant challanges the historical record ... $25.00

(549) Morrow, Robert D.: BETRAYAL. Regnery, IL 1976, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 229 pgs., Events from Bay of Pigs to JFK assassination..$27.50 b. second copy, VG+/worn dj. FON, 1st ed ... $22.50 c. third copy, G+/no dj ... $15.00 d. fourth copy, SC ed., VG cond, Warner, 1976, 239 pgs ... $ 6.00

(3744) Escalante, Fabian: THE SECRET WAR: CIA COVERT OPERATIONS AGAINST CUBA 1959-1962. Ocean, Australia 1995, LSC original, VF., 215 pgs., Former head of Cuban State Security presents evidence of conspiracy between Mafia, Cuban counterrevolution & CIA ... $16.00

(3617) Furiati, Claudia: ZR RIFLE: THE PLOT TO KILL KENNEDY AND CASTRO. Ocean Press, Australia 1994, 2nd ed. LSC original, VF., 183 pgs., Cuba opens secret files. Second edition is revised and expanded ... $15.00

(4168) IG Report: CIA TARGETS FIDEL: THE SECRET ASSASSINATION REPORT. Ocean, NY 1996, LSC original, VF., 122 pgs., Secret report by CIA on plots to assassinate Castro implicate Nixon and the Kennedys ... $12.00

(3743) Lechuga, Carlos: IN THE EYE OF THE STORM: CASTRO, KENNEDY AND THE MISSLE CRISIS. Ocean, Australia 1995, LSC original, VF., 215 pgs., Cuba's former UN ambassador, and inside player during the Cuban missle crisis, gives the Cuban perspective ... $16.00

(4912) Russo, Gus: LIVE BY THE SWORD: THE SECRET WAR AGAINST CASTRO AND THE DEATH OF JFK. Bancroft Press, Baltimore 1998, 1st ed. VF/VF., 640 pgs., Oswald was lone assassin. US Gov't issues coverup due to fear Castro played role in murder & anti-Castro plots might be known ... $27.00

(4075) Scott, Peter Dale: DEEP POLITICS II: ESSAYS OF OSWALD, MEXICO, & CUBA. Lancer, Grand Prairie, TX 1996, revised ed. LSC original, spiral bound, VF., 158 pgs., The new revelations in US Gov't files, 1994-1995 ... $20.00

(4355) Schotz, E. Martin: HISTORY WILL NOT ABSOLVE US: ORWELLIAN CONTROL, PUBLIC DENIAL, AND THE MURDER OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY. NF in NF dj.., Kurtz, Ulmer & DeLucia, Brookline, MA 1996, 1st ed. ed. 326 pgs., Includes material by Vincent Salandria, Christopher Sharrett, Fred J. Cook, and Raymond Marcus.$27.50b. second copy, LSC ed. VF cond. ... $18.00

(5044) Szulc, Tad: THE WINDS OF REVOLUTION: LATIN AMERICA TODAY, AND TOMORROW. Praeger, NY 1963, VG+ in VG+ dj.., 308 pgs., Much on Cuba ... $9.00

(1099) Morrow, Robert D.: THE SENATOR MUST DIE: THE MURDER OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY. Roundtable, CA 1988, 1st ed. ed ed. VF/VF., 356 pgs., Former CIA contract agent uncovers truths of RFK & JFK assassinations while investigating Cuban exiles ... $23.00

(1510) Ashman, Charles: THE CIA-MAFIA LINK. Manor, NY 1975, 1st ed. ed. SC original, VG., 234 pgs., Link to several assassinations ... $15.00

(4547) Bissell, Richard: REFLECTIONS OF A COLD WARRIOR. Yale Univ. Press, New Haven 1996, F/F. ... $30.00

(2327) Fonzi, Gaeton: THE LAST INVESTIGATION. Thunder's Mouth, NY 1993, VF/VF., 400 pgs., Reveals truth about why the gov't doesn't want to solve the JFK assassination ... $25.00 b. second copy, LSC ed. VF ... $14.00

(4625) Garwood, Darrell: UNDER COVER: 35 YEARS OF CIA DECEPTION. Grove, NY 1985, 1st SC ed. SC ed. VG cond.., 309 pgs., Published in HB as American Shadow, Material on Bay of Pigs and Anti Castro War ... $7.50

(1519) Hinckle, Warren & William Turner: DEADLY SECRETS. Thunder's Mouth, NY 1992, VF/VF., 464 pgs., Revised and expanded version of scarce classic "The Fish is Red" ... $22.00 b. second copy, LSC ed. VF ... $15.00

(466) Hunt, Howard: GIVE US THIS DAY. Arlington House, NY 1973, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 235 pgs., CIA, The Bay of Pigs, and the aftermath ... $24.00 b. second copy, SC ed, VG cond ... $7.00

(642) Johnson, Haynes: THE BAY OF PIGS. Norton, NY 1964, VG/VG., 380 pgs., The leaders' story of Brigade 2506 ... $12.50

(2517) Lazo, Mario: DAGGER IN THE HEART. Twin Circle, NY 1970, LSC ed.., 447 pgs., Update of hardback. American policy failures in Cuba - lots on Bay of Pigs ... $9.00

(551) Martin, David C.: WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS. Harper & Row, NY 1980, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 236 pgs., Story of Angleton and Harvey ... $25.00

(4682) Matthews, Herbert L.: FIDEL CASTRO. Simon & Schuster, NY 1969, 1st US ed. NF/NF., 382 pgs., Includes material on Bay of Pigs ... $12.50

(720) Moldea, Dan E.: THE HOFFA WARS. Paddington, NY 1978, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+., 450 pgs., Two chapters on JFK assassination and Anti-Castro war ... $12.50

(3836) Morrissey, Michael: LOOKING FOR THE ENEMY. CTKA, CA 1995, Manuscript format, VF., 167 pgs., Essays on "JFK", Chomsky vs. Newman on Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs, and media control ... $18.00

(2470) Nechiporenko, Col. Oleg M.: PASSPORT TO ASSASSINATION. Birch Lane Press, NY 1993, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 338 pgs., Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by KGB colonel who knew him ... $22.50

(1668) Ranelagh, John: THE AGENCY: THE RISE AND DECLINE OF THE CIA. Simon & Schuster, NY 1986, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 847 pgs., Material on Mongoose, Bay of Pigs, Oswald.$25.00 b. second copy, LSC ed, revised and updated, VG+ 869 pgs ... $25.00

(4417) Ranleigh, John: CIA: A HISTORY. BBC Books, London 1992, 1st ed. ed. F/NF., 256 pgs., Accompanies the BBC Series, with chapter on the anti-Castro War ... $12.50

(3139) Smith, Matthew: VENDETTA: THE KENNEDYS. Mainstream, UK 1993, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 288 pgs., Consortium engineers death and political destruction of all Kennedys ... $36.00

(436) Szulc, Tad: COMPULSIVE SPY: THE STRANGE CAREER OF E. HOWARD HUNT. Viking, NY 1974, NF/NF., 180 pgs. ... $22.50

(559) Tanner, Hans: COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY AGENT CUBA. Foulis, London 1962, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+., 161 pgs., Diary kept from Jan. to July 1961 by a leader of a Cuban underground organization ... $22.50

(3741) Tripodik, Tom: CRUSADE - UNDERCOVER AGAINST THE MAFIA & KGB. Brassey's, NY 1993, VF/VF., 280 pgs., Long chapters on JMWAVE, material on French Connection. Provides security for JFK funeral ... $12.50

(4421) Volkman, Ernest: THE GREATEST SPY OPERATORS OF THE 20TH CENTURY. Wiley, 1995, 1st ed. ed. F/F., 264 pgs., Chapter on CIA-KGB Mole War and Dallas ... $10.00

(2666) Wyden, Peter: BAY OF PIGS - THE UNTOLD STORY. Simon & Schuster, NY 1979, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+, FON., 352 pgs. ... $10.00 b. second copy, NF/VG+, book club ed ... $7.00 c. third copy, LSC ed., VG, 1980, Touchstone, 352 pgs ... $5.00

(4577) Phillips, R. Hart: CUBAN SIDESHOW. Cuban Press, Havana 1935, 2nd ed. ed. VG/chipped dj.., 378 pgs., Strongman of Cuba is Col. Fulgencia Batista ... $10.00

(4582) Beschloss, Michael R.: THE CRISIS YEARS - KENNEDY AND KHRUSHCHEV 1960-1963. Harper Collins, NY 1991, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 816 pgs., .g..$12.50

(4) Buckley, William F.: SEE YOU LATER, ALLIGATOR. Doubleday, NY 1985, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG., 351 pgs., Fiction - JFK dispatches Blackford Oakes during Missile Crisis ... $8.00

(4589) Cannon, Terence: REVOLUTIONARY CUBA. Crowell, NY 1981, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 281 pgs., From 1510 to the intervention in Angola ... $12.50

(2512) Detzer, David: THE BRINK: CUBAN MISSLE CRISIS, 1962. Crowell, NY 1979, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 299 pgs. ... $10.00

(4578) Edwards, Jorge: PERSONA NON GRATA. Paragon House, NY 1993, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF., 294 pgs., Chilean envoy wirtes of Castro's repression. Preface by Octavio Paz ... $7.50

(2516) James, Daniel: CUBA: THE FIRST SOVIET SATELLITE IN THE AMERICAS. Avon, NY 1961, 1st ed. ed. SC original, FON., 319 pgs. ... $4.00

(3900) Matthews, Herbert: THE CUBAN STORY. Braziller, NY 1961, 1st ed. ed. VG/VG., 318 pgs., look at Cuban revolution by NY Times correspondent ... $9.00 b. second copy, VG/no dj, 1st ... $7.00

(4600) Miller, Warren: 90 MILES FROM HOME. Little, Brown, Boston 1961, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+, SIGNED., 279 pgs., Everyday face of Cuba ... $14.00 b. second copy, NF/VG+ ... $10.00

(2324) Mills, C. Wright: LISTEN, YANKEE: THE REVOLUTION IN CUBA. Ballantine, NY 1960, SC ed. VG., 192 pgs., ... $6.00

(4577) Phillips, R. Hart: CUBAN SIDESHOW. Cuban Press, Havana 1935, 2nd ed. ed. VG/chipped dj.., 378 pgs., Strongman of Cuba is Col. Fulgencia Batista ... $10.00

(708) Smith, Malcolm E.: JOHN F. KENNEDY'S 13 GREAT MISTAKES. Suffolk House, NY 1968, NF/VG+ FON., 225 pgs., Critical analysis of JFK admin ... $10.00

(3654) Smith, Wayne S.: PORTRAIT OF CUBA. Turner Publishing, NY 1991, 1st ed. ed. F/F., 192 pgs., Photographs by Michael Reagan ... $15.00

(1642) Smith, Wayne S.: THE CLOSEST OF ENEMIES. Norton, NY 1987, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+., 308 pgs., Personal and diplomatic history of the Castro years by former Head of US Interests Section in Cuba ... $14.00

(713) Thomas, Hugh: CUBA: THE PURSUIT OF FREEDOM. Harper & Row, NY 1971, 1st ed. ed. NF/NF, FON., 1696 pgs., Hist of Cuba w/200 pgs. on 1959-62. An important work ... $50.00

(4587) Thompson, Robert Smith: THE MISSILES OF OCTOBER. Simon & Schuster, NY 1992, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 395 pgs., Declassified story of John F.Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis ... $12.50

(3207) Weyl, Nathaniel: RED STAR OVER CUBA. Devin-Adair, NY 1960, VG+/VG+., 222 pgs., USSR, Castro & Cuba ... $11.00

(4926) Castro, Fidel, edited by David Deutschmann: CHE: A MEMOIR BY FIDEL CASTRO. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 165 pgs., Details from the revolution early days to Che's final guerrilla expeditions to Africa and Bolivia ... $15.00

(4927) Castro, Fidel, intro essay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: MY EARLY YEARS. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 141 pgs., First autobiography to be published in English ... $15.00

(4925) Galvez, William: CHE GUEVARA'S CONGO DIARY. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 370 pgs., Previously untold story of Che's lost year in Africa ... $22.00

(4928) Guevara, Che, edited by David Deutschmann: CHE GUEVARA READER: WRITINGS ON GUERRILLA WARFARE, POLITICS AND REVOLUTION. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 420 pgs., Anthology of important writings and speeches of Che. Includes extensive chronology and complete bibliography ... $22.00

(4886) May, Ernest R. & Philip D. Zelikow, ed.: THE KENNEDY TAPES: INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE DURING THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. Fine in Fine dj.., Belknap/Harvard, MA 1997, 728 pgs. ... $35.00 ... SALE PRICE $10.00

(4929) Ratner, Michael, & Michael Steven Smith, eds.: CHE GUEVARA AND THE FBI: US POLITICAL POLICE DOSSIER ON THE LATIN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 240 pgs., US secret police files on Che, showing how the FBI & CIA monitored his movements in US, Mexico, Cuba, Africa, & Latin Am ... $19.00

(2205) Deriabin, Peter, & J. Schecter: THE SPY WHO SAVED THE WORLD. Scribners, NY 1992, 1st ed. VF/VF, 488 pgs., Story of Penkovsky, KGB inside source for CIA & MI6. Inside info on Cuba, 1962 ... $25.00

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