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(5657) [CD-ROM] ASSASSINATION TRANSCRIPTS OF THE CHURCH COMMITTEE. 2004. Compiled by AARC and History Matters. 125 declassified transcripts of interviews conducted by Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission includes Harvey, Helms, Roselli, Angleton, Colby, Maheu, Lansdale, Hunt, Sturgis, Bissell, and Phillips. Texts of alleged assassination plots and performance of intelligence agencies. ... $40.00

(5351) {CD-ROM} Bradford, Rex (compiler): THE GARRISON TRANSCRIPTS. AARC and History Matters, 2002. CD-ROM. Transcripts of 1969 Clay Shaw trial as well as Orleans Parish Grand Jury, Shaw preliminary hearing, and 1,600 page deposition of Gordon Novel in his lawsuit against Garrison. 9,000 pages in all. ... $40.00

(5194) [CD-ROM] THE RUSS HOLMES WORK FILE. Copyright 2002, by AARC and History Matters. Consists of 40,000 pages in 6,000 CIA documents released in 1998-2000. These records are part of the "segregated collection" of CIA documents accessible to HSCA. Contains a huge amount of huge info on "Oswald in Mexico City," CIA dealings with the Warren Commission and HSCA, and the history of the JFK assassination. An 8-CD set, compatible with both Windows and Macintosh. ... $100.00

(5193) [CD-ROM] THE CHURCH COMMITTEE REPORTS. Published in 2001. Compiled/edited by AARC and History Matters. Contains all 14 volumes of the committee, over 1,000 pages of internal committee records. Includes transcripts of interviews with David Phillips, James Angleton, and Jane Roman. Also the Rockefeller Report is on it. Works on Windows and Macintosh. ... $30.00

(5176) [CD-ROM] THE GEMSTONE FILE. Onassis, Howard Hughes, JFK, Jackie, Bobby, Nixon, Nader, and the CIA/Mafia/Big money take over of the U.S. in 1963. US history from the 1920s to 1975, by Bruce Roberts. Includes Skeleton Key edited with additions by Stephanie Caruana. 2001. ... $15.00

(5118) [CD-ROM] Brown, Walt: THE GLOBAL INDEX TO THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK. 1999. Index to the 100 most important books on the assassination, plus the Warren Commission and HSCA. ... $40.00

CD-ROM OF THE HSCA FINDINGS -- The 12 JFK volumes & Final Report for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Macintosh ... $60.00

Bradford, Rex (Ed.): JFK: MEDICAL EVIDENCE ARCHIVE (CD-ROM). 1999, History Matters. Includes ARRB's "Master Set of Medical Exhibits," transcripts of 12 ARRB depositions conducted in 1996-98, 10 illuminating memos written by ARRB staffer Doug Horne, Volume 7 Medical and Firearms evidence, medical images, articles, etc. ... $40.00

(5007) Shearer, Russ (compiler): LEE HARVEY OSWALD'S MILITARY RECORDS. 1999, CD-ROM., 242 Documents on Oswald - Personal and Medical ... $15.00

(4047) {CD-ROM}: THE WARREN COMMISSION: HEARINGS ON THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY. LMP, TX 1997, for 386SX w/4 meg RAM; Windows 3.1, 1 meg VGA card, ISO9660 ROM., The Complete 26 volumes, includes Brown index....$80.00


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