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(1110) Thomas, Ralph: PHOTO COMPUTER IMAGE PROCESSING AND THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY. privately pub, TX 1992, 1st ed. ed. SC original, VF, limited to 3000, numbered., Technical analysis of new forensic and investigative technique for photographic evidence, using JFK assassination photos....$20.00

(2644) Trask, Richard B.: PICTURES OF THE PAIN: PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY. Yeoman Press, MA 1994, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 648 pgs., The history of the photography of the JFK assassination -- how photos are used, analyzed, & abused....$35.00

The following items also contain many photographs:

(2092) {Assassination Trading Cards}: THE JFK ASSASSINATION: A DAY THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. Freedom Press, 1992, 40 cards in box, VF., Includes autopsy shots, "tramps", TSBD, Dealey, Oswald, Ruby. Not a memorial set ... $15.00

(4631) [Assassination Magazine]: THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT - DEALEY PLAZA MEMORIAL EDITION BY ROBERT J. GRODEN AND DIANE J. ALLEN. self published, Dallas 1997, Fine cond.., 36 pgs. ... $8.00

(2466) Collins Herbert R.: PRESIDENTS ON WHEELS. Bonanza, NY 1971, NF/NF., 224 pgs., Includes info on JFK's car in Dallas ... $25.00

(4388) Hunt, Conover: JFK: FOR A NEW GENERATION. Sixth Floor Museum & SMU, Dallas, TX 1996, foreword by Hugh Sidey., 160 pgs., Picture of man and his times and a concise illustrated narrative of his journey through Dallas. Hardback ... $35.00 ... SALE PRICE $15.00 ... Large Softover ... $20.00 ... SALE PRICE $10.00

(556) Lifton, David S.: BEST EVIDENCE. Macmillan, NY 1980, 1st ed. ed. VG/NF., 747 pgs., Deception in the JFK assassination ... $14.00 b. second copy, LSC ed. Carroll & Graf, 1988, 755 pgs. VF, Revised ed..$14.00

(2091) Marcus, Raymond: THE HSCA, THE ZAPRUDER FILM, AND THE SINGLE-BULLET THEORY. privately printed, CA 1993, LSC original, VF., 34 pgs., Color individual frames of the Zapruder film, with analysis of crucial frames ... $22.50 b. second copy, 1st ed., 1992. 20 pgs ... $20.00

(3783) Marcus, Raymond: THE HSCA, THE ZAPRUDER FILM, AND THE SINGLE-BULLET THEORY -- ADDENDUM B. privately printed, CA 1995, LSC original, VF., 82 pgs., Color frames of the Zapruder film, with early commentary of JFK assassination. Limited to 125 copies ... $32.50

(1444) {Recording}: JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY ... AS WE REMEMBER HIM. Columbia Records Legacy, NY 1965, VG+ Book and record in VG+ slipcase., 241 pgs., 2 record set and book in slipcase ... $45.00

(1214) Schwarz, Urs: JOHN F. KENNEDY. Paul Hamlyn, London 1964, 1st ed. ed. VG/chipped dj.., Hard-to-find European memorial. Many photos ... $22.50

(528) Thompson, Josiah: SIX SECONDS IN DALLAS. Bernard Geis, NY 1967, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 323 pgs., SCARCE.$80.00 b. second copy, VG in chipped dj ... $60.00 c. third copy, G+ cond, no dj, FON ... $40.00 d. fourth copy G cond, underlining, no dj ... $35.00 e. fifthe copy, SC ed., G+, some staining ... $20.00

(3124) Groden, Robert: THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT. New York 1993, VF/VF., 223 pgs., The complete photographic record of the JFK assassination, the conspiracy, and the cover-up ... $30.00 b. LSC ed, VF ... $20.00

(3834) Groden, Robert J.: THE SEARCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD. Penguin Studio, NY 1995, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 262 pgs., A comprehensive Photographic Record, with intro by Cyril Wecht ... $30.00

(4863) Marcus, Raymond: #5 MAN, NOVEMBER 22, 1963. self published, CA 1997, 1st ed. ed. Oversize LSC original, Fine cond.., 135 pgs., Detailed analysis of Moorman photo that shows image of shooter behind fence ... $32.50

(4893) Trask, Richard B.: THAT DAY IN DALLAS: THREE PHOTOGRAPHERS CAPTURE ON FILM THE DAY PRESIDENT KENNEDY DIED. LSC original, Fine cond. Yeoman Press, MA 1998, 1st ed. ed. 136 pgs., Includes 115 photos by Cecil Stoughton, Jim Murry and Jim Altgens, some pictures not seen in "Pictures of the Pain" ... $20.00

(4865) Trask, Richard B.: PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION NOVEMBER 22, 1963. Oversize LSC original, Fine cond.., Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas 1996, 1st ed. ed. 65 pgs., Examination of the cameras and the photographers in Dealey Plaza.2/98 ... $11.00

(994) Dallas Morning News: NOVEMBER 22: THE DAY REMEMBERED. LSC original, fine cond.., Taylor, TX 1990, 1st ed. ed. 154 pgs., Photos, interviews of reporters who covered the JFK assassination ... $12.00

(1132) Marcus, Raymond: THE BASTARD BULLET: A SEARCH FOR LEGITIMACY FOR COMMISSION EXHIBIT 399. self pub, CA 1998, 5th ed. LSC original, fine cond. SIGNED BY AUTHOR., 87 pgs., The reprint of scarce work is expanded to include 7 pg interview of Darrell Tomlinson by Marcus ... $30.00

(4909) Galanor, Stewart: COVER-UP. Kestrel, NY 1998, 1st ed. VF/VF., 184 pgs., Photographs, scientific evidence, and documents woven together expose the government cover-up in the JFK assassination ... $20.00

(4908) Myers, Dale K.: WITH MALICE: LEE HARVEY OSWALD AND THE MURDER OF OFFICER J.D. TIPPITT. Oak Cliff Press, Milford, MI 1998, 1st ed. VF/VF., 704 pgs., First full length study of the Tippitt shooting, a comprehensive work that finds Oswald guilty ... $35.00

(4033) Twyman, Noel: BLOODY TREASON: THE ASSASSINATION WITH JOHN F. KENNEDY. Laurel Publishing, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 1997, 1st ed. F/NF., 960 pgs., 26 Full Color "Z" frames ... $37.50 Right wing extremists in Dallas and New Orleans met with CIA, and assassination of Kennedy was arranged. Z-Film was altered. Evidence was concealed in autopsy.

(1084) National Geographic: MARCH 1964 ISSUE, JOHN F. KENNEDY, THE LAST FULL MEASURE. DC 1964, VG., Coverage of JFK funeral ... $8.00

(1584) Artis, O.M.: JOHN F. KENNEDY IN DEUTSCHLAND. Barenfeld, Dusseldorf 1965, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+, Oversize pictorial., 247 pgs., Rare German Pictorial. In German & English ... $75.00; b. second copy, VG/no dj. FON ... $45.00

(640) Barnes, Clare: JOHN F. KENNEDY, SCRIMSHAW COLLECTOR. Little, Brown, MA 1969, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 129 pgs., Oversize Pictorial of JFK Scrimshaw collection. Hard-to-find ... $30.00

(4588) Brugioni, Dino: EYEBALL TO EYEBALL:INSIDE STORY OF THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS. Random House, NY 1991, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 622 pgs., CIA Photo analyst looks at aerial reconnaisance ... $27.50

(1215) Damore, Leo: THE CAPE COD YEARS OF JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY. Prentice Hall, NY 1967, VG/VG, FON., 262 pgs. ... $16.00 b. second copy, LSC ed. VF cond. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993 ... $13.00

(3319) Fanta, J. Julius: SAILING WITH PRESIDENT KENNEDY. Sea Lore Pub., NY 1968, 1st ed. ed. F/VG+, FON., 103 pgs., Hard-to-find book on JFK's sailing ... $25.00

(4584) Lowe, Jacques: PORTRAIT: EMERGENCE OF JOHN F. KENNEDY. Bramhall House, NY 1961, NF/VG., Heavily illustrated ... $14.00

(674) Manchester, William: ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT. Little, Brown, MA 1983, NF/VG, FON, book club ed.., 280 pgs., Memoir 20 yrs after ... $10.00

(660) Saunders, Doris E.: THE KENNEDY YEARS AND THE NEGRO. Johnson, IL 1964, 1st ed. ed. SC original, Good only, sl. staining.., 143 pgs., Hard-to-find Oversize pictorial on JFK & Civil Rights ... $6.00

(4602) Shaw, Mark: THE JOHN F. KENNEDYS. Farrar, Straus, NY 1964, NF/VG+., 160 pgs., Illustrated ... $11.00

(2499) Shepard, Tazewell, Jr.: JOHN F. KENNEDY: MAN OF THE SEA. Morrow, NY 1965, 1st ed. ed. VG/ no dj, FON., 162 pgs. ... $17.50

(1597) Grossman, Richard L., ed. Agronsky, et al. - Various Reporters: THE FIRST 100 DAYS OF THE KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION. Simon & Schuster, NY 1961, 1st thus Lg softbound ed. VG+., 144 pgs., Hard-to-find. Many photos ... $17.50

(4853) Fetzer, James H. Ph.D.: ASSASSINATION SCIENCE. Catfeet Press, Chicago 1998, 1st ed. ed. Fine in Fine dj.., 463 pgs., Legal, medical, and photographic evaluation of the case ... $37.00 b. second copy, LSC ed., Fine cond ... $19.00

(1151) NBC News: THERE WAS A PRESIDENT. Random House, NY 1966, VG, no dj, as issued., 158 pgs., Later edition of "Seven Hours & 30 Mins", with photos. Coverage of assassination weekend ... $25.00

(772) Weisberg, Harold: PHOTOGRAPHIC WHITEWASH. privately printed, MD 1976, LSC original, VF., 296 pgs., Suppressed Kennedy assassination pictures ... $20.00

(4901) Marcus, Ray: ORLEANS PARISH GRAND JURY SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: MAY 11, 1967. privately printed, CA 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 140 pgs., transcript of Marcus' testimony before the Garrison Grand Jury. Much on ballistics and photographic evidence ... $16.00

(3174) Donald, David: SPYPLANE. Motorbooks Int'l, WI 1987, 1st ed. US ed. VF/VF., 127 pgs., Many pictures of aerial intelligence gathering planes ... $15.00

(4542) Bledowska, Celina & Jonathan Bloch: KGB/CIA. Exeter, NY 1987, 1st ed. ed. F/F., 192 pgs., Intelligence and counterintelligence operations. Many illustrations ... $12.50

(5093) Sakol, Jeannie: THE BIRTH OF MARILYN: THE LOST PHOTOGRAPHS OF NORMA JEAN BY JOSEPH JASGUR. St. Martin's, NY 1991, 1st US ed. NF in NF dj., Oversize, 103 pgs. ... $15.00


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