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(967) {Assassination Pamphlets/Single Sheets}: "FOUR ARTICLES ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY". compendium of articles., Garrison, Prouty, Jones & Leary....$4.00

(700) {Assassination Memorial Pamphlet}: KALAMAZOO GAZETTE, ONE HOUR IN HISTORY. Kalamazoo, MI 1964, 1st ed. ed. LSC original, VF., Memorial remembrance of JFK stop in Kalamazoo in 1960. SCARCE...$12.00

(2084) {Assassination Pamphlets/Single Sheets}: "THE HUGHES-NIXON-LANSKY CONNECTION: THE SECRET ALLIANCES OF THE CIA FROM WWII TO WATERGATE" BY H. KOHN. pamphlet 19 pgs.., Includes material on JFK assassination...$3.00

(966) {Assassination Pamphlets/Single Sheets}: "THE MURDER OF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR." BY JOHN EDGINTON & JOHN SARGEANT. single info sheet., Info derived by independent British film maker. Gov't complicity?....$1.00

(3216) {Assassination Pamphlets/Single Sheets}: THE RICKY WHITE MATERIALS. single sheet, VF., The Roscoe White story, as told by Ricky in 1990...$1.00

(2647) Cutler, R.B.: THE UMBRELLA MAN - 5/93. privately printed, MA 1993, 1st ed. ed. Pamphlet original, VF., 9 pgs., Paper on Umbrella Man presented at Providence conference 6/93...$5.00

(4618) McBirnie, W.S.: WHAT WAS BEHIND LEE HARVEY OSWALD?. C.A.R.E., Glendale, CA circa 1968, Pamphlet, VG cond.., 47 pgs., Scarce pamphlet - Oswald influenced by Leninist thought...$40.00

(4569) Walker, Maj. Gen. Edwin A.: CENSORSHIP AND SURVIVAL. Bookmailer, NY 1961, Pamphlet, NF., 67 pgs., Story of his removal from office...$15.00

(4915) Arnoni, M.S. (ed.): THE DEATH OF A PRESIDENT. Minority of One, Passaic, NJ 1964, 1st ed. Pamphlet, VG+ cond.., 52 pgs., RARE pamphlet - reprint of articles that appeared in Minority of One ... $80.00

(4916) Russell, Bertrand: 16 QUESTIONS ON THE ASSASSINATION. Minority of One, Passaic, NJ 1964, 1st ed. Pamphlet, NF cond.., 16 pgs., RARE pamphlet ... $80.00


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