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(486) Bloomgarden, Henry S.: THE GUN: A "BIOGRAPHY" OF THE GUN THAT KILLED JFK. Viking, NY 1975, 1st ed. VG+/VG+., 152 pgs. ...$30.00

(4633) Burke, Jerald Rudolph: WHAT WALLACE THINKS. Portals Press, Tuscaloosa, AL 1976, 1st ed. ed. SC original, VG+ cond.., 156 pgs., Pro George Wallace biography....$8.00

(2468) Connally, John: IN HISTORY'S SHADOW. Hyerion, NY 1993, 1st ed.VG/VG., 386 pgs., Connally autobiography includes chapter on Dallas...$25.00

(3624) Ford, Gerald R.: A TIME TO HEAL. Harper & Row, NY 1979, 1st ed. ed. VG/VG, FON., 454 pgs., Autobiography includes Warren Comm....$9.00

(4546) Stone, Irving: EARL WARREN. Prentice Hall, NY 1948, VG+, no dj.., 176 pgs., First biography...$10.00

(4490) Colby, William: HONORABLE MEN. Simon & Schuster, NY 1978, 2nd ed. ed. NF/NF, remainder mark., 493 pgs., Autobiography of DCI....$17.50 b. second copy, VG+/VG+, some pencil marks....$12.50

(3853) Grant, Dale: WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS. Prentice-Hall, NY 1991, 1st ed. ed. VF/VF., 209 pgs., Biography of Gerald Bull, gifted designer of military hardware, mysteriously killed in Brussels...$6.50

(3564) Jackson, Sir Geoffrey: SURVIVING THE LONG NIGHT. Vanguard, NY 1974, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 226 pgs., Autobiography of British ambassador in Uruguay, kidnapped & held for 244 days...$6.00

(2131) Liddy, G. Gordon: WILL. St. Martins, NY 1980, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+, former owner's inscription., 374 pgs., Autobiography of Covert ops man....$12.00

(3223) Ogilvy, David: BLOOD, BRAINS, & BEER. Atheneum, NY 1978, 1st ed. ed. VG/VG., 181 pgs., Autobiography includes chapter on British Intelligence in WWII....$6.50

(3769) Tarpley, Webster G. & Anton Chaitkin: GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. EIR, DC 1992, LSC original, VF., 659 pgs., Larouche bio of Bush, Skull & Bones, DCI, Iran-Contra...$20.00

(637) Blair, Joan & Clay: THE SEARCH FOR J.F.K.. Putnam, NY 1976, VG+/VG+, book club ed.., 695 pgs., Objective biography...$7.50

(4596) Caro, Robert A.: THE YEARS OF LYNDON JOHNSON: THE PATH TO POWER. Knopf, NY 1982, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+., 882 pgs., Classic anti-LBJ biography...$10.00

(4597) Caro, Robert A.: THE YEARS OF LYNDON JOHNSON: MEANS OF ASCENT 1940-1948. Knopf, NY 1990, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+., 506 pgs., Classic anti-LBJ biography....$10.00

(4604) Davis, Kenneth S.: THE POLITICS OF HONOR. Putnam, NY 1967, 1st ed. ed. VG+/VG+., 543 pgs., A Biography of Adlai Stevenson, many references to relations w/JFK...$10.00

(4601) {Kennedy paper}: A PICTORIAL BIOGRAPHY OF JOHN F. KENNEDY AND HIS FAMILY. Ed-U-Card, card set, 42 historical news photos, F cond, in VG pictorial box. ...$40.00

(4595) Mooney, Booth: THE LYNDON JOHNSON STORY. Farrar, Straus & Co., NY 1964, 1st thus ed. VG+/VG+., 198 pgs., Former assistant writes pro-LBJ biography....$11.00

(593) Webb, Robert N.: THE LIVING JFK. G&D, NY 1964, NF/VG+,., 93 pgs., Illustrated biography...$10.00

(718) Zion, Sidney: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ROY COHN. Lyle Stuart, NJ 1988, F/F., 284 pgs., worked w/RFK during McCarthy's days, became bitter enemy...$7.00

(742) Cameron, Gail: ROSE: A BIOGRAPHY OF ROSE F. KENNEDY. Putnam, NY 1971, 1st ed. ed. NF/VG+., 247 pgs. ...$8.00 b. second copy, VG+/VG+, later ed....$7.00

(1198) Curley, James Michael: I'D DO IT AGAIN!. Prentice Hall, NY 1957, VG+/VG+., 372 pgs., Autobiography of Democratic boss in Mass., rival of Honey Fitz...$20.00 b. second copy, VG+/no dj, FON...$12.50

(1435) Bush & Gold: LOOKING FORWARD: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. 1987, Former CIA chief & former Pres....$2.75

(413) Carr, W.: JFK: A COMPLETE BIOGRAPHY 1917-1963. 1964 ....$2.75

(365) Malcolm X: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X. 1965 ....$2.75

(4757) Griffith, W.: HUMPHREY: A CANDID BIOGRAPHY. 1965 ....$4.50

(1339) Zion, S.: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ROY COHN. 1988 ...$4.50

(4926) Castro, Fidel, edited by David Deutschmann: CHE: A MEMOIR BY FIDEL CASTRO. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 165 pgs., Details from the revolution early days to Che's final guerrilla expeditions to Africa and Bolivia ... $15.00

(4927) Castro, Fidel, intro essay by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: MY EARLY YEARS. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 141 pgs., First autobiography to be published in English ... $15.00

(4925) Galvez, William: CHE GUEVARA'S CONGO DIARY. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 370 pgs., Previously untold story of Che's lost year in Africa ... $22.00

(4928) Guevara, Che, edited by David Deutschmann: CHE GUEVARA READER: WRITINGS ON GUERRILLA WARFARE, POLITICS AND REVOLUTION. Ocean, Australia 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 420 pgs., Anthology of important writings and speeches of Che. Includes extensive chronology and complete bibliography ... $22.00

(4923) Morris, Roger: PARTNERS IN POWER: THE CLINTONS AND THEIR AMERICA. Henry Holt, NY 1996, 1st ed. Fine in Fine dj.., 526 pgs., Deals with all the compromises on the road to the White House. Long chapter on Mena ... $8.00

(1184) Wills Garry & Ovid Demaris: JACK RUBY. NAL, NY 1968, 1st ed. VG/VG., 266 pgs., Bio of the murderer of Oswald. Hard-to-find in hardcover ... $35.00 b. second copy, LSC ed., Fine cond. DiCapo, 1994 ... $14.00

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