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J.F.K., R.F.K., Martin Luther King, and other political leaders, both foreign and domestic, are included in this section.

As you have probably read elsewhere, the CTKA/Probe library has been transferred to The Last Hurrah. We have almost completed cataloguing of the past issues of Probe. Any issue you want will be $3.50. Request by month and year, or else if there's a specific article you're looking for, then ask for that.

(5734) Law, William Matson with Allen Eaglesham: IN THE EYE OF HISTORY: DISCLOSURES IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION MEDICAL EVIDENCE. LSC, JFK Lancer, 2004. Southlake, TX. 369 pgs. Forward by Dr. David Mantik. Signed by author. COnversations with Dennis David, Paul O'Connor, James C. Jenkins, Jerrol F. Custer, James W. Sibert, Francis X. O'Neill, Harold A. Rydberg, and Saundra K. Spencer. ... $35.00

(5754) Waldron, Lamar with Thom Hartmann: ULTIMATE SACRIFICE: JOHN AND ROBERT KENNEDY, THE PLAN FOR A COUP IN CUBA, AND THE MURDER OF JFK. Hardcover. Carroll & Graf, 2005. 904p. NF/NF. Details the coup authorized by JFK, run by RFK, set for December 1, 1963. Plan was penetrated by Marcello, Trafficante and Roselli. They used parts of it to arrange the assassination and prevent a thorough government investigation. ... $33

(5756) Brown, Walt: THE GUNS OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU. Hardcover. Last Hurrah Press, Williamsport, PA, 2005. 236p. NF/NF. Early chapters deal with the struggle for oil. The book then explains how the assassination was inevitable in Texas. ... $30

(5757) Griggs, Ian. NO CASE TO ANSWER: A RETIRED ENGLISH DETECTIVE’S ESSAYS AND ARTICLES ON THE JFK ASSASSINATION (1993-2005). LSC, JFK Lancer, Southlake, TX, 2005. 342p. Includes material on Dallas PD, Sixth Floor crime scene, Jack Ruby’s girls. NF. ... $25

(5758) Dankbaar, Wim, compiler and editor. FILES ON JFK: INTERVIEWS WITH CONFESSED ASSASSIN JAMES E. FILES AND MORE NEW EVIDENCE OF THE CONSPIRACY THAT KILLED JFK. LSC, 2005. 603p. VG+. Preface by Daniel Marvin. Files was a shooter on the Grassy Knoll, in the employ of Giancana and Roselli. His testimony was corroborated by retired FBI agents. ... $38

(5762) Tarpley, Webster Griffin and Anton Chaitkin: GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. LSC, Progressive Press, Joshua Tree, CA, 2004. Reprint of 1992 book on Bush the Elder. 659p. Includes chapter on the Reagan shooting. ... $20

(5764) Forman, James: CODE NAME VALKYRIE: COUNT VON STAUFFENBERG AND THE PLOT TO KILL HITLER. Hardcover. S.G. Phillips, 1973. 188p. NF/NF. ... $15

(5765) Kroth, Jerry: CONSPIRACY IN CAMELOT: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY. Algora, NY, 2003. 342p. Presentation of most plausible conspiracy theories, fresh analysis of 86 “mysterious deaths” of witnesses and an exploration of an effect of the assassination on the American public. James Files agreed to answer questions about people and details in the JFK assassination.
Hardback, no DJ as issued ... $55
LSC ... $44

(5767) FICTION: Forsyth, Frederick: THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Illustrated by Christopher Zachorow. Hardcover. Franklin Library, Franklin Center, PA, 1987. 380p. F/bound in leather. Classic novel of an attempt on the life of Charles de Gaulle. ... $15

(5768) Skehar, Melanie: WHO REALLY OWNS THE ZAPRUDER FILM AFTER THE JFK ACT: THE SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. Southwestern Univ. School of Law, reprint of Southwestern University Law Review, Vol. 34 (2004), no. 2. 26p. Signed by Skehar. ... $10

(5776) Carter, Mark: DUAL IDENTITY: A STORY OF THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATIONS, THE CIA, THE FBI, AND THE AMERICA YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW. LSC. Self-published, 2005. 70p. Photographs are used to suggest a whole series of people were working under two different names during John Kennedy’s assassination. ... $25

(5778) Lavine, Sigmund A.: ALLAN PINKERTON: AMERICA’S FIRST PRIVATE EYE. Hardcover. Hammond, London, 1963. 241p. VG+/VG+. Includes story of preventing an attempted assassination of Abraham Lincoln. ... $12.50

(14) Evica, George Michael: AND WE ARE ALL MORTAL. LSC original. University of Hartford, Hartford CT, 1978. 1st ed. 465p. NF. Makes use of previously unreleased FBI documents. Sheds new light on “second Oswald” sightings. … $25

(992) Meagher, Sylvia: ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT. LSC. Vintage, New York, 1992. 477p. NF. Preface by Senator Richard Schweiker. Intro by Peter Dale Scott. Classic indictment of the Warren Commission. … $25

(4335) Schotz, E. Martin: HISTORY WILL NOT ABSOLVE US: ORWELLIAN CONTROL, PUBLIC DENIAL, AND THE MURDER OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY. Hardcover. Kurtz, Ulmer and DeLucia, Brookline, MA, 1996. 326p. NF/NF. Includes material by Vincent Salandria, Christopher Sharrett, Fred J. Cook, and Raymond Marcus. … $27.50

(4033) Twyman, Noel: BLOODY TREASON: THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY. Hardcover. Laurel, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 1997. 960p. NF/VG+. Signed by Twyman. Twenty-six full-color Z frames. Rightwing extremists in Dallas and New Orleans met with CIA operatives, assassination of Kennedy discussed, contract offers made. Documents show that Johnson used nuclear war scare to intimidate key people in Dallas and Washington. Author proves the alteration of the Zapruder film, films released from the archives corroborate Lifton’s discovery that Kennedy’s body was modified to conceal evidence. … $150

(5783) Coleman, Dr. John: THE CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300. 4th ED. LSC. WIK, Carson City, 1997. 305p. NF. Expose of Secret Society that runs the world, includes 16p. appendix on how the Kennedy assassination was carried out by MI6. … $12.50

(5793) Long, Huey Pierce: MY FIRST DAYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Hardcover. Telegraph, Press, Harrisburg, PA, 1935. 146p. VG+/VG+. 1st ed. Long’s plan to implement Share Our Wealth, published after his assassination. … $35

(5794) Elwonger, Steve: …IN THE LINE OF DUTY. Hardcover. Taylor, Dallas, 1991. 132p. NF/No dustjacket. A list of 61 Dallas police officers who fell in the line of duty. Includes 2p. chapter on J.D. Tippit. … $17.50

(5796) Hersha, Cheryl and Lynn Hersha, with Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz: SECRET WEAPONS: TWO SISTERS’ TERRIFYING TRUE STORY OF SEX, SPIES AND SABOTAGE. New Horizon Press, Far Hills, NJ. 426p. Two women relate their stories as subjects of CIA mind control experiments. … $11

(3742) Haslam, Edward T.: MARY, FERRIE AND THE MONKEY VIRUS: THE STORY OF AN UNDERGROUND MEDICAL LABORATORY. LSC. Wordsworth Communications, Bradenton, FL, 1999. 143p. NF. David Ferrie plays a pivotal role in medical-political alliance. Dr. Mary Sherman, noted cancer researcher, is murdered. Both are tied in with Dr. Alton Oschner and the New Orleans plotters that Garrison uncovered. AIDS may jave been a byproduct of the hunt for anti-cancer vaccine. … $20

(5733) Livingstone, Harrison E.: THE HOAX OF THE CENTURY: DECODING THE FORGERY OF THE ZAPRUDER FILM. LSC. 2004. 495 pgs. Conservatory Press/Trafford, Victoria BC. Preface by Dr. David Mantik. Foreward by James Sawa. Major portions of the book are devoted to the film's background and history, alteration, the National Archives, and problems with authentication. Much attention given to first frame overexposure between Z132 and Z133. Includes 32 pages of color photographs. ... $80.00

(5732) {DVD set} INTO EVIDENCE. The proceedings from the 2003 Pittsburgh conference. Eight-DVD set. On the 40th anniversay of the JFK assassination, many of the best known researches into the case and experts in forensic science, law and medicine werre drawn together by the Cyril Wecht Institute of Duquesne University. ... $249.00 (plus shipping)

(5731) {Video} Brownlow, Michael (consultant Bill Pulte): SHATTERED FRIDAY. Two-video set. 2003. 40 years later, witnesses talk about the killings of JFK and J.D. Tippett. Includes B.W. Hargiss, Ted Calloway, Ernest Brandt, Austin Miller, Malcolm Summer. ... $35.00

(5729) Dempsey, John Mark (editor): THE JACK RUBY TRIAL REVISITED: THE DIARY OF JURY FOREMAN MAX CAUSEY. Univ. of North Texas Press, Denton, TX. 2000. 202 pgs.
a. Inscribed by author. NF ... $25.00
b. NF/NF. ... $20.00

(5728) Cellura, Frank: JFK's ASSASSINATION--MANIPULATION OF THE EXPENDED CARTRIDGE SHELLS. 20 pgs. 2003. Ohio. ... $5.00

(5727) Dotson, Sydney Newman: NO GREATER DECEPTION. First Books Library, 2003, Bloomington, IN. 533 pgs. NF. Two sisters discover their late father had connections to George Bush, Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson, Joe Bonanno, and was involved in the JFK assassination. ... $26.00

(5726) Dipalalo, Thomas A.: BACKFIRE IN DALLAS. First Books Library, 2002, 113 pgs. The assassination was a staged shooting by the Administration designed to provide a pretext for war with Cuba. It backfires and RFK and Secret Service cover it up. Body alteration ensues in Bethesda.
a. NF/no DJ as issued. ... $19.50
b. LSC ... $11.50

(5725) Haines, Robin: DECEPTION IN DALLAS: A RATIONAL EXPLANATION AND MORAL JUSTIFICATION TO THE JFK PLOT. LSC. First Books Library, 122 pgs. 2001. Bloomington, IN. Helms, Phillips, Hunt were responsible for JFK's death which was staged to appear to be a homicide but was a deception pertaining to civil defense. ... $26.00

(5724) Mettler, George: AGENT UNDER GLASS. First Books Library, Bloomington, IN. 584 pgs. LSC. 2001. Novel. NF.
a. hardback ... $45.00
b. softcover ... $28.00

(5720) Goode, Stephen: ASSASSINATION!: KENNEDY, KING, KENNEDY. 1979. Franklin Watts, New York, NY. 173 pgs. VG+VG+ DJ. Examines some of the major theories in these assassinations and looks to readers to draw their own conclusions. ... $17.50

(5717) Taylor, Mark: THE ELITE AKA PIRATE MAGICIANS. Olathe, KS. 49 pgs. LSC. Signed by author. 2004. Draws connections between JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 and the role of military intelligence in all three. ... $10.00

(5715) Leroy, Dave: GERALD FORD: UNTOLD STORY. R.W. Beatty, Arlington, VA. 1974. LSC. 128 pgs. Revised edition. VG. Chapters on the Warren Commission and attempt to impeach Justice Douglas. ... $12.50

(5713) Chamish, Barry: WHO MURDERED YITZHAK RABIN? Feral House, Venice, CA. LSC, 1998, 149 pgs. NF. A lone assassin is set up as patsy, "amateur" film of the assassination as well as eyewitness testimony documents that Rabin appeared unhurt from shots fired at the peace rally. ... $13.00

(5712) Chamish, Barry: ISRAEL BETRAYED. The Zionist Book Club, Jerusalem. LSC, 1999, 126 pgs. NF. Chapters on the murder of Yitzhak Rabin and the takeover of Israel by the CFR. ... $15.00

(431) Josephson, Emanuel M.: THE STRANGE DEATH OF FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. Chedney Press, 1948, 333 pgs. VG+/VG DJ. 1st ed. Was FDR murdered? ... $30.00

(5545) Sparrow, John: AFTER THE ASSASSINATION: A POSITIVE APPRAISAL OF THE WARREN REPORT. Chilmark Press, NY, 1967. NF/NF DJ. 77 pages. ... $100.00 SALE PRICE $60.00
b. paperback $40.00 SALE PRICE $25.00

(5566) Hancock, Larry: SOMEBODY WOULD HAVE TALKED. Lancer Productions, Grand Prairie TX. 2003. LSC. Fine. 340 pges. plus CD with several hundred pages of documents and source material. In a quest for the buried history of the JFK assassination, the book shows that there was no real criminal investigation, just another "report." The book responds to the two common challenges to the concept of a conspiracy. First, that "somebody would have talked." And second, a conspiracy that could remain secret for 40 years would have been unbelievable. ... $35.00
b. second copy. 2004 update. LSC. Fine. Includes info about JMWAVE and the Barnes/Hunt connection, picture section details key INTERPEN members and associates, LHO impersonation?, David Atlee Phillips, South Florida Training Camp, and the mystery of the Elm St. rambler. ... $15.00

(5586) Jensen, J. Arthur: THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: AN HISTORICAL NOVEL. 1st Books Library, Bloomington IN, 344 pgs., 2000. HD fine/fine. JFK approved a plan to assassinate Castro. Marilyn Monroe learns of plot and tries to stop it. ... $33.00 SALE PRICE $25.00
b. LSC fine/fine ... $23.00 SALE PRICE $17.50

(5656) Lubin, David M.: SHOOTING KENNEDY: JFK AND THE CULTURE OF IMAGES. U. of CA Press, Berkeley. 2003. NF/NF. 341 pgs. Iconic images of the Kennedys illuminate American cultural landscape. ... $25.00 SALE PRICE 17.50

(5710) Livingstone, Harrison E.: THE RADICAL RIGHT AND THE MURDER OF JOHN F. KENNEDY. 2004. LSC. 615 pgs. Conservatory Press/Trafford. An early draft appeared as an e-book. Extensive new research has been added. This book is devoted to the Texas plot, the evidence, and the cover-up. $40.00

(5706) Fest, Joachim: PLOTTING HITLER'S DEATH: THE STORY OF THE GERMAN RESISTANCE. Metropolitan, 1996, 1st ed., 419 pgs. NF/NF. ... $20.00

(5705) Escalante, Fabian: THE CUBA PROJECT: CIA COVERT OPERATIONS 1959-1962. Second edition of The Secret War. New preface by Javier Salado. 195 pgs. LSC. Ocean Press, Melbourne, Australia. ... $17.00

(5703) Hewins, Ralph: COUNT FOLKE BERNADOTTE: HIS LIFE AND WORK. T.S. Denison, Minneapolis, 1950. 279 pgs. NF/VG+ DJ. Chapter on his assassination by members of the Stern gang. ... $15.00

(3830) {Video}: JFK: THE INVESTIGATIONS BY IMAGI-VISION. 1995, VHS, color, 120 mins.., Examining Thirty years of Investigative work on the Assassination of JFK ... $25.00

(5699) Four Arrows and James H. Fetzer: AMERICAN ASSASSINATION: THE STRANGE DEATH OF SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE. Vox Pop, Brooklyn NY. 2004. LSC. 188 pgs. Neither the weather nor the pilots were to blame for the crash of the Wellstone plane. ... $14.00

(5698) Clark, Bruce T.: THE CASTRO CONSPIRACY. First Books Library. Bloomington, IN. 2003. LSC. 436 pgs. Novel. War profiteers, embittered intelligence agents, mafia chieftains, and assorted Cubans decide early in 1963 to kill JFK. They hire Carlos the Jackal. ... $25.00

(5697) Gaetano, John A.: AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. First Books Library. 2001. Hardback, Fine/Fine DJ. 546 pgs. Bloomington, IN. Many theories of the JFK assassination are tested through fictional investigation. The government continued the cover-up for decades. And President Clinton had to go along to exceed to power. ... $45.00
B. second copy. LSC $30.00

(5564) Sloate, Susan and Kevin Finn: FORWARD TO CAMELOT. First Books Library, Bloomington IN. 2003, HB, fine/fine, 488 pgs. A time travel novel that is dead on historically accurate, as an actress from the year 2000 seeks to save JFK from assassination with the help of one critical ally: an ex-Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald. $36.00 SALE PRICE $25.00
b. LSC, 488 pgs. ... $25.00

(5695) Mosley, Nicholas: THE ASSASSINATION OF TROTSKY. Michael Joseph, London, 1972. ... $20.00

(5692) King, Benjamin: A BULLET FOR LINCOLN: A NOVEL. Pelican, Gretna LA. 1993. Fine/Fine. Morgan, Fisk, Gould plot death of Lincoln. ... $10.00

(5691) Smith, Matthew: MARILYN'S LAST WORDS: HER SECRET TAPES AND MYSTERIOUS DEATH. Carroll & Graf. 327 pgs. Fine/Fine. 2004. Monroe's tapes to Dr. Greenson are analyzed as well as the known evidence in her case. ... $25.00

(5690) Holland, Max: THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION TAPES: THE WHITE HOUSE CONVERSATIONS OF LBJ REGARDING THE ASSASSINATION, WARREN COMMISSION AND AFTERMATH. Knopf, 480 pgs. Fine/Fine. 2004. A limited number of these were signed in Washington, DC. Transcripts of Johnson's tapes are edited and annotated. It begins with Nov. 22 and reveals conversations with Hoover and McCone. Along the way, Johnson abandoned plans to let Texas authorities investigate and abruptly set up the Warren Committee. ... $27.00

(5689) Legacies: A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas. Spring 1999. NF. Article on Syd WiIlliams Richardson by Lesbia Word Roberts and Clint W. Murchison Sr. by Ernestine O. Van Buren. ... $5.00

(4329) Arnold, Samuel Bland: MEMOIRS OF A LINCOLN CONSPIRATOR. LSC, NF. Heritage Books, Bowie, MD. 1995. 205 pgs. Memoir based on Arnold's diaries, originally published in 1902. Conspired with Booth, withdrew from plot in March 1865. ... $21.00

(5657) [CD-ROM] ASSASSINATION TRANSCRIPTS OF THE CHURCH COMMITTEE. 2004. Compiled by AARC and History Matters. 125 declassified transcripts of interviews conducted by Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission includes Harvey, Helms, Roselli, Angleton, Colby, Maheu, Lansdale, Hunt, Sturgis, Bissell, and Phillips. Texts of alleged assassination plots and performance of intelligence agencies. ... $40.00

(3138) Piper, Michael Collins: FINAL JUDGMENT: THE MISSING LINK IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY. American Free Press, DC 2004, 6th ed. LSC original, NF., 663 pgs. Argues Mossad was responsible for JFK assassination, probes involvement of Lansky and Angleton. ... $25.00

(5648) Keith, Jim and Kenn Thomas: THE OCTOPUS: SECRET GOVERNMENT AND THE DEATH OF DANNY CASOLARO. 2004, Rev. ed., Feral House, Los Angeles, CA, 235 pgs., LSC, NF. Casolaro was investigating the Inslaw Affair, the theft of a super surveillance software used to spy on criminals and police alike. The book has relevance to the October Surprise, September 11th, and the JFK assassination. ... $15.00

(5647) Koepke, Jim: CHASING GHOSTS. LSC, 2004, Baltimore, PublishAmerica, 105 pgs. NF. Researcher speaks to Helms, Colby, and Deep Throat while investigating assassination of JFK. ... $17.00

(5646) Evans, Peter: NEMESIS: ARISTOTLE ONASSIS, JACKIE O, AND THE LOVE TRIANGLE THAT BROUGHT THE KENNEDYS. 2004, 1st ed., ReganBooks, NF/NF, 336 pgs. Onassis was at the heart of a plot to kill Bobby Kennedy. ... $26.00

(1564) Prouty, Col. L. Fletcher: JFK, THE CIA, VIETNAM, AND THE PLOT TO ASSASSINATE JOHN F. KENNEDY. Birch Lane, IL 1992, NF/NF., 366 pgs. ... $35.00
b. second copy, LSC ed., Fine cond., Citadel Press, 1996 ... 377 pgs. Updated. ... $27.50
c. third copy, hardback, ex-lib. otherwise VG+/VG+ ... $17.50

(2477) Lewis, Richard W. and Lawrence Schiller: THE SCAVENGERS AND CRITICS OF THE WARREN REPORT. Delacorte, NY, 1967, 188 pgs., 1st ed., NF/VG+. Rebuttal of first generation critics. ... $75.00

(527) Groden, Robert J. & F. Peter Model: JFK: THE CASE FOR CONSPIRACY. Manor, NY SC original. 1976. 299 pgs. 1st ed. VG+. Signed by Groden. Intro by Congressman N. Downing. ... $27.50
b. second copy. 1977. ... $22.50
c. third copy. 1977 revised and expanded edition. 313 pgs. ... $25.00

(5638) Groden, Robert: [2-DVD set] JFK: THE CASE FOR CONSPIRACY AND JFK ASSASSINATIONS. Delta, Los Angeles, CA, 2004. ... $20.00

(5637) Groden, Robert: [DVD video] JFK ASSASSINATION FILMS. Delta, Los Angeles, CA. 2003. 70 minutes. Zapruder and 20 other films. Includes the last 2 days, the only professional color film of the motorcade, and JFK's last two days, filmed by a Dept. of Navy cinematographer. ... $10.00

(5330) Groden, Robert: [DVD video] CASE FOR CONSPIRACY. Delta, Los Angeles, CA. 2003. 113 minutes. Enhanced expanded edition of video. ... $10.00

(5636) Gabriel, Michael: JAMES EARL RAY: THE LAST DAYS OF INMATE NUMBER 65477. Cat Yoga Publishing. 2003, 416 pgs. LSC, Los Angeles, CA. Postscript by Jerry Ray. Author visited Ray every day for months and kept a diary. ... $20.00

(5635) Robertson, Jerry: DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOS FOR JOHN ARMSTRONG'S BOOK "HARVEY AND LEE." LSC, Lafayette, IN. 2004. 109 pgs. ... $10.00

(5634) Gatewood, Jim: CAPTAIN WILL FRITZ AND THE DALLAS MAFIA. 2004. Mullaney Corporation. Garland TX. 277 pgs. Fine/Fine DJ. Charts both rise of Dallas mob and Dallas police captain Will Fritz. Four chapters on the JFK assassination. ... $42.50
b. second copy. LSC $32.50

(150) Manchester, William: CONTROVERSY. NF/VG+ DJ. Little Brown, Boston, 1976. 432 pgs. includes essay on the controversy over publishing "Death of a President." ... $12.50

(482) Shaw, J. Gary & Larry Harris: COVER-UP. privately printed, TX 1992, 2nd ed. LSC original, NF cond. Limited to 3000 copies.., The governmental conspiracy to conceal the facts about the public execution of John Kennedy. Reprint w/added material ... $35.00

(5553) McClellan, Barr: BLOOD, MONEY, AND POWER. Fine/FIne DJ. 480 pgs. 2003. Hannover House, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Long awaited book on Johnson's involvement in the JFK assassination. Written by a member of LBJ's law firm. Much on Ed Clark, attorney/power broker, and Don Thomas, Johnson's business attorney and how they arranged assassination. ... $25.00

(5583) Burnside, Robert Schramm: COUP D'ETAT: FROM JOHN F. KENNEDY TO GEORGE W. BUSH. Conspiracy Editions, Fayetteville TX, 2003. LSC. 355 pgs. Fine. Primary conspiracy linkage consists of Johnson, Hoover, Harvey, Roselli, Giancana. Book explores the after effects of the coup and how it shaped the country for 40 years. ... $25.00

(5361) Carr, Waggoner with Jack Keever: NOT GUILTY! Shoal Creek, Austin, 1977. 125 pgs. Fine/Fine. Inscribed by Carr. Texas attorney general says he was target of Nixon Justice Department. ... $25.00
b. second copy. Not inscribed. ... $20.00

(4970) Salandria, Vincent, J., John Kelin, ed.: FALSE MYSTERY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ESSAYS ON THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK . Kelin, CO 1999, LSC, Fine cond.., 152 pgs., Intro by Christopher by Sharrett. Afterward by E. Martin Schotz. Collection of groundbreaking articles on the case. ... $20.00
b. second version. hardback. Fine/Fine. Square Deal Press, Louisville CO. 2004. 213 pgs. ... $25.00

(5616) Scarne, John: THE MAFIA CONSPIRACY. Scarne Enterprises, North Bergen, NJ. 1976. NF/VG+. Anti-Italian reporting and anti-Italian Senate hearings created "myth" of the mafia. References to Church Committee. ... $27.50

(5614) White, G. Edward: EARL WARREN. Oxford Univ. Press, 1982, 1st ed., 429 pgs., NF/NF. 26-page chapter on Warren Commission. ... $12.50

(3628) Hudson, James A.: THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF MARILYN MONROE. Volitant Books, NY 1968, SC original, VG cond.., 112 pgs. Explores possibilities of suicide, accident, murder as well abas rumors of involvement with Kennedys. ... $27.50

(5610) {VIDEO} Adamson, Bruce Campbell: ONE THOUSAND POINTS OF LIFE: PUBLIC REMAINS IN THE DARK: JFK, DIANA, SEPTEMBER 11. 2003, 1 hour, VHS. ... $15.00

(5609) Aynesworth, Hugh with Stephen G. Michaud: JFK: BREAKING THE NEWS. International Focus Press, Richardson, TX, 2003. 263 pgs. Fine/Fine. Aynesworth, reporter for the Dallas Morning News, has broken more news about 11/22 and its aftermath than anyone else. He shaped our perceptions of Oswald, Ruby, Garrison. Book provides over 200 photographs and artifacts from his personal archive. ... $28.00

(5605) Cabell, Charles P., Jr. (Brigadier Genl, USAF, Ret.), ed.: A MAN OF INTELLIGENCE: MEMOIRS OF WAR, PEACE, AND THE CIA. Impavide Publications, Colorado Springs, CO., 1997, 397 pgs. Fine/No DJ as issued. Over 100 pages devoted to his work at the CIA, including involvement with U-2 and the Bay of Pigs operation. ... $50.00

(5601) Roberts, Roy A.: JOHN F. KENNEDY: A LIVING LEGEND. 1964, 28 pgs. Pamphlet. Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO. Library stamp but uncirculated, otherwise VG+. Reprint of 4 articles from newspaper. ... $15.00

(5599) Dollen, Charles: JOHN F. KENNEDY AMERICAN. St. Paul Editions, 1965, Boston MA. 244 pgs. NF/NF. Positive bio of JFK, includes the undelivered speech from the Trade Mart. ... $17.50

(5598) Patrick, Robert: KENNEDY'S CHILDREN. Random House, 1976. VG+/VG+ DJ. Play is set in New York in 1974, 5 characters are affected by the Kennedy assassination and the decade that followed. ... $11.00

(5597) Pearlstine, Edward W.: THREE INTELLECTUAL PLAYS. Includes 52-page drama "Jack Ruby." PB. NF. Editorial Consultants, Inc., San Francisco CA. 1979. ... $15.00

(5593) {DVD} JFK'S 40TH ANNIVERSARY. By Jim Marrs. 2003. Ares Publishing, Boyd, TX. 120 minutes. ... $20.00

(5592) {DVD} PROOF. By Jim Marrs. 2003. Ares Publishing, Boyd, TX. 90 minutes. Companion to Crossfire, provides proof of JFK assassination cover-up. ... $20.00
b. second copy {VHS} ... $20.00

(5591) Felder, James: JFK DEALEY PLAZA VISITORS GUIDE: CONSPIRACY: FACT OR FICTION? Circa 2003. 28 unnumbered pages, magazine format, Fine. Includes color photos of Z film frames and medical evidence. ... $8.00

(546) Thornley, Kerry W.: THE IDLE WARRIORS. IllumiNet, GA, 1991, 1st ed. LSC original, VF, 202 pgs., Novel that provides info on Oswald in the Marines. Book written before 11/22/63, released for the 1st time in 1991. ... $30.00

(5590) Gorightly, Adam: THE PRANKSTER AND THE CONSPIRACY. Forward by Robert Anton Wilson. Paraview Press, New York. 2003. LSC. 290 pgs. NF. The story of Kerry Thornley and how he met Oswald and inspired the counterculture. ... $17.00

(3776) Oliver, Beverly with Coke Buchanan: NIGHTMARE IN DALLAS. LSC, 2003, 299 pgs., Extreme Services, Nevada TX. "The Baboushka Lady" -- a personal friend of Jack Ruby, married to the Mafia, and a key eyewitness to the Kennedy assassination. ... $15.00\

(5587) Webster, Sheldon Burton: HOUSE OF SUGAR: THE BAY OF PIGS, THE CIA MAFIA ASSASSINATION COSPIRACY. 288 pgs. 2002. 1st Books Library, Bloomington IN. HD fine/fine. ... $24.50
b. LSC ... $16.00

(5585) Three articles: Flammonde, Paris:"COUP D'ETAT: A CHRONOLOGY."; DiEugenio, James: "A COMMOTION PICTURE: SLASH OF TRUTH."; Marrs, Jim: "WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAZE (OR TWO) MAKES."; from the Journal, No Agenda, Volume 1, Number 2, Nov-Dec 2003, editor: Paris Flammonde. The John F. Kennedy Assassination 40th Anniversary Memorial Issue ... $5.00

(5584) James, Richard: WHY PRESIDENT KENNEDY AND BROTHER ROBERT DIED: AN ASSASSINATION THEORY. 2002, LSC, FirstBooks Library, Bloomington IN, 145 pgs. Mob anger over Bay of Pigs and Get Hoffa campaign led to assassination and ultimately ties to Watergate. ... $12.50

(5565) Remington, Rodger: THE WARREN REPORT: EVIDENCE VERSUS "CONCLUSIONS." XLibris, Philadelphia PA 2003. 616 pgs. HD fine/fine. The evidence in the 26 volumes doesn't bear out the conclusions. The case will never be resolved until the government admits the report was in error. ... $39.00
b. LSC ... $29.00

(5582) Tague, James T.: THE TRUTH WITHHELD: A SURVIVOR'S STORY. WHY WE WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE JFK ASSASSINATION. 2003, LSC, 198 pgs. Excel Digital Press, Inc., Dallas TX. Eyewitness account by the bystander who was wounded and revelations about incomplete Warren Commission investigation. Deals with the deceit, delay and denial inherent in the case. ... $20.00

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(2105) {Video} by Mark Oakes: ON THE TRAIL OF THE MYSTERY FBI MAN - 30 MIN. OF OAKES INTERVIEW, AND 35 MIN. PATSY PASCHALL TV INTERVIEWS. 1993, VHS format, VF., An FBI man recovered a bullet in Dealey Plaza. Robert Gemberling tells his story...$25.00

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(1566) {Video} by Mark Oakes: EYEWITNESS VIDEO TAPE - PART I - REAL J.F.K. FACTS. 1992, 2 hrs. 3 min. (SHG VHS)., Interviews w/14 witnesses and policemem, with these 5 exclusives: Hartmans, JW Foster, Al Maddox, Henry Wade, Harkness...$25.00

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(4922) {Video} by Mark Oakes: EYEWITNESS VIDEO TAPE PART III. 1998, VHS format, running time 1 hr 57 min., 9 Interviews includes motorcycle officer H.B. McClain, Dr. Malcolm Perry (Parkland officer), CIA Agent Regis Blahut, Eyewitness Ronald Fisher. Mrs. Worrell talks about her son's Warren Commission testimony and his death. ... $27.00

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(4352 UPDATE) Robertson, Jerry: DENIAL. Privately printed, Lafayette, Indiana, 2002 update of a 1996 book, NF. 90 pages. Fine cond. Photo evidence and exhibits from HSCA and WC. Includes information about John Armstrong's research on two Oswalds. ... $10.00

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b. VG (some pencil underlining)/VG DJ ... $15.00

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(5194) [CD-ROM] THE RUSS HOLMES WORK FILE. Copyright 2002, by AARC and History Matters. Consists of 40,000 pages in 6,000 CIA documents released in 1998-2000. These records are part of the "segregated collection" of CIA documents accessible to HSCA. Contains a huge amount of huge info on "Oswald in Mexico City," CIA dealings with the Warren Commission and HSCA, and the history of the JFK assassination. An 8-CD set, compatible with both Windows and Macintosh. ... $100.00 b. second copy DVD-ROM (1 disk) ... $90.00

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(5177) [MEMORIAL PAPER] LEST WE FORGET: PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY'S LAST HOUR IN DALLAS. Twelve historical color pictures of November 22, 1963. These postcards circa 1964 are sealed and have not been opened. ... $15.00

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CD-ROM OF THE HSCA FINDINGS -- The 12 JFK volumes & Final Report for Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Macintosh ... $60.00

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FALSE MYSTERY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ESSAYS ON THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK. By Vincent J. Salandria. Edited by John Kelin; introduction by Christopher Sharrett; essay by E. Martin Schotz. Large softbound book, fine condition. Kelin pub. 1999, Colorado, 152 pg. A collection of groundbreaking articles on the case. First printing is limited to 100 copies ... $20.00.

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(4922) {Video} by Mark Oakes: EYEWITNESS VIDEO TAPE PART III. 1998, VHS format, running time 1 hr 57 min.., $27.00 9 Interviews includes motorcycle officer H.B. McClain, Dr. Malcolm Perry (Parkland officer), CIA Agent Regis Blahut, Eyewitness Ronald Fisher. Mrs. Worrell talks about her son's Warren Commission testimony and his death.

(4902) Wilson, Robert Anton: EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL: CONSPIRACIES, CULTS, AND COVER-UPS. Harper Perennial, NY 1998, 1st ed. LSC original, VF., 435 pgs., Encylopedia of people and groups involved in assassinations and conspiracies ... $15.00


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