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Trading Cards, Pins, & Bumper Stickers

(2092) {Assassination Trading Cards}: THE JFK ASSASSINATION: A DAY THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. Freedom Press, 1992, 40 cards in box, VF., Includes autopsy shots, "tramps", TSBD, Dealey, Oswald, Ruby. Not a memorial set....$15.00

(2439) {Pins}: 3 SLOGANS - HOOVER KNEW; THE CIA DID IT; CIA FBI DSA LBJ DISC MAFIA PENTAGON CUBANS FERRIE SHAW ETC.. 1 1/2" diameter, VF.., Produced for Chicago conference, all white with red or blue lettering. Price each ... $1.50

(4889) {Assassination Memorial Paper}: BUMPER STICKER: WHO KILLED JFK?. Mint cond.., JFK - AIC, Dallas ..$3.50


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