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Memorial Magazines

(5177) [MEMORIAL PAPER] LEST WE FORGET: PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY'S LAST HOUR IN DALLAS. Twelve historical color pictures of November 22, 1963. These postcards circa 1964 are sealed and have not been opened. ... $15.00

(4057) {Assassination Memorial Magazine}: DALLAS CONSPIRACY #2 - PARDON ME, BUT.... Northpoint Teams, NC 1994, F cond., 39 pgs., Real assassin is on South side of Elm St. - uses machine pistols....$5.00

(4052) {Assassination Memorial Magazines}: THE KENNEDY QUARTERLY NEWSPAPER. 1992, F cond tabloid format., Paper on assassination distributed at Grassy Knoll....$4.00

(4631) [Assassination Magazine]: THE KILLING OF A PRESIDENT - DEALEY PLAZA MEMORIAL EDITION BY ROBERT J. GRODEN AND DIANE J. ALLEN. self published, Dallas 1997, Fine cond.., 36 pgs. ....$8.00

(4049) {Assassination Memorial Magazine}: TV GUIDE: JANUARY 25-31, 1964. VG., Includes special section of the coverage of the JFK assassination & funeral Nov. 22 to 25, 1963...$15.00 b. second copy, worn but complete....$6.00

(1963) {Magazine}: LIFE - NO DATE. VG cond.., Cover:The Kennedys - JFK/RFK memorial....$14.00

(1990) {Magazine}: LIFE, NO DATE. VG., JFK Memorial edition...$10.00 b. second copy, Good only ....$6.00

(4684) {Memorial Magazine}: THREE GREAT MEN: KENNEDY, CHURCHILL, MCARTHUR. Special Publications, LA, CA 1963, VG cond.., 97 pages on JFK...$17.50


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