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Spring 2006 NEWS

From The Last Hurrah Bookshop

 Dear Friends and Customers,

Finally, we are issuing an update. We apologize to those of you eager for information and, of course, authors who wish to see their work promoted. It is our fervent hope that in another 2-3 weeks you will also see substantial additions to our sale list.

The Last Hurrah does exist to sell books and other research material. Still we are quite conscious that we are part of a larger community. We would be remiss if we didn’t note what has happened to people we have known for years. By now many of you are aware that Dr. Cyril Wecht has found himself in serious legal difficulty. Below is a letter sent to COPA about his plight and how aid can be extended.

Finally, we sadly note the death of a fellow bookseller, Mike Mach, or, as he was know to many of us “Mike from Waco , M and A Books”. Many of us knew him from his lists. A smaller number had the good fortune to meet him on the Knoll each November 22. He was 53 and unexpectedly taken from us due to a heart attack. There are few enough of us who care about those long ago days. Mike’s passing is a loss for us as well as his family.

Until the next update and/or conversation,


Andy Winiarczyk

Dear JFK Assassination Researcher,  

By now, I'm certain you are aware of the serious legal problems with which I have been confronted in recent weeks. It is not possible to discuss this matter in any detail within the context of this letter, but I will simply state that my attorneys -- who include former U.S. Attorney General Richard Thornburgh and J. Alan Johnson, former U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania -- strongly believe the charges against me are unjustified. All of them agree that this vindictive inquisition is completely indefensible and that ultimately, I will prevail.

Unfortunately, the legal defense that I must mount all the way through a prolonged trial will be astronomically expensive. But I have no choice. My entire life is literally at stake -- personally, professionally and financially. And most important, the incredible emotionally traumatic impact this investigation has had on my wife, children and grandchildren must be reversed.  

Your financial assistance in this critical matter would be deeply appreciated and, together with similar contributions from other key individuals, might even prove life-saving. Should you find yourself in a financial position to contribute to this cause, please direct it to the "Wecht Legal Defense Fund" at 1119 Penn Ave., Suite 404, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222.  

Thank you for your consideration of this fervent plea. With kind regards,   Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.  

p.s. There is no particular reason to believe that my four decade-long search for the truth in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is the //cause// of this prosecution, but neither is there reason to believe that resistance to that work is not one of the government's motivating factors. It is of note, for instance, that the F.B.I. has seized all of my JFK assassination files and correspondence, even though none of the allegations against me have been related in any way to that case.

Spring 2006 Update

(5754) Waldron, Lamar with Thom Hartmann: ULTIMATE SACRIFICE: JOHN AND ROBERT KENNEDY, THE PLAN FOR A COUP IN CUBA, AND THE MURDER OF JFK. Hardcover. Carroll & Graf, 2005. 904p. NF/NF. Details the coup authorized by JFK, run by RFK, set for December 1, 1963. Plan was penetrated by Marcello, Trafficante and Roselli. They used parts of it to arrange the assassination and prevent a thorough government investigation. ... $33

(5755) Bamford, James: BODY OF SECRETS: ANATOMY OF THE ULTRA-SECRET NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY FROM THE COLD WAR THROUGH THE DAWN OF A NEW CENTURY. Hardcover. Doubleday, 2001. 721p. NF/NF. Signed. As well as revealing capability for listening in on global personal communications, there are numerous references to the Bay of Pigs and Operation Northwoods. ... $28

(5756) Brown, Walt: THE GUNS OF TEXAS ARE UPON YOU. Hardcover. Last Hurrah Press, Williamsport, PA, 2005. 236p. NF/NF. Early chapters deal with the struggle for oil. The book then explains how the assassination was inevitable in Texas. ... $30

(5757) Griggs, Ian. NO CASE TO ANSWER: A RETIRED ENGLISH DETECTIVE’S ESSAYS AND ARTICLES ON THE JFK ASSASSINATION (1993-2005). LSC, JFK Lancer, Southlake, TX, 2005. 342p. Includes material on Dallas PD, Sixth Floor crime scene, Jack Ruby’s girls. NF. ... $25

(5758) Dankbaar, Wim, compiler and editor. FILES ON JFK: INTERVIEWS WITH CONFESSED ASSASSIN JAMES E. FILES AND MORE NEW EVIDENCE OF THE CONSPIRACY THAT KILLED JFK. LSC, 2005. 603p. VG+. Preface by Daniel Marvin. Files was a shooter on the Grassy Knoll, in the employ of Giancana and Roselli. His testimony was corroborated by retired FBI agents. ... $38

(5759) FILES ON JFK (DVD). The November 2003 interviews with James E. Files. Interviewed by Jim Marrs and Wim Dankbaar. 2 hours. Was this 21-year-old CIA/Mafia contract hit man the Grassy Knoll shooter? ... $20

(5760) Ahmed, Nafeez Mosaddeq. THE WAR ON FREEDOM: HOW AND WHY AMERICA WAS ATTACKED SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. LSC, Tree of Life, Joshua Tree, CA, 2002. 378p. NF. Asks who blocked investigation of Osama bin Laden associates, what happened to our defense measures, when was Afghan offensive first conceived. ... $17

(5761) Tarpley, Webster Griffin: 9/11: SYNTHETIC TERROR MADE IN USA. LSC, Progressive Press, Joshua Tree, CA, 2006. 2 nd ed. With new preface, a revised index, a new appendix continuing an article on the London 7/7 bombings. 496p. Compares the techniques used by the U.S. Intelligence agencies in creating 9/11 with the methods they used in the past. ... $18

(5762) Tarpley, Webster Griffin and Anton Chaitkin: GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. LSC, Progressive Press, Joshua Tree, CA, 2004. Reprint of 1992 book on Bush the Elder. 659p. Includes chapter on the Reagan shooting. ... $20

(5763) Clark, Ramsey: THE FIRE THIS TIME: U.S. WAR CRIMES IN THE GULF. Thunder’s Mouth, New York, 1992. 325p. VG/VG. Signed bookplate. ... $15

(5764) Forman, James: CODE NAME VALKYRIE: COUNT VON STAUFFENBERG AND THE PLOT TO KILL HITLER. Hardcover. S.G. Phillips, 1973. 188p. NF/NF. ... $15

(5765) Kroth, Jerry: CONSPIRACY IN CAMELOT: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY. Algora, NY, 2003. 342p. Presentation of most plausible conspiracy theories, fresh analysis of 86 “mysterious deaths” of witnesses and an exploration of an effect of the assassination on the American public. James Files agreed to answer questions about people and details in the JFK assassination.

Hardback, no DJ as issued ... $55

LSC ... $44

(5766) Johnson, Charles A. and Danette Brickman: INDEPENDENT COUNSEL: THE LAW AND THE INVESTIGATIONS. Hardcover. Congressional Quarterly Press, Washington, D.C., 2001. 356p. NF/no DJ as issued. Has 66-page chapter on Watergate, much on Iran-Contra. ... $8

(5767) Forsyth, Frederick: THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. Illustrated by Christopher Zachorow. Hardcover. Franklin Library, Franklin Center, PA, 1987. 380p. F/bound in leather. Classic novel of an attempt on the life of Charles de Gaulle. ... $15

(5768) Skehar, Melanie: WHO REALLY OWNS THE ZAPRUDER FILM AFTER THE JFK ACT: THE SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. Southwestern Univ. School of Law, reprint of Southwestern University Law Review, Vol. 34 (2004), no. 2. 26p. Signed by Skehar. ... $10


(5770) Welch, Robert: THE NEW AMERICANISM: SPEECHES AND ESSAYS BY FOUNDER OF JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. Western Islands, Belmont, MA, 1966. VG+/VG+. ... $12.50

(5771) Singer, C. Gregg: THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE: HISTORY OF NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES AND ITS LEFTIST POLICIES FROM 1908 TO PRESENT. Hardcover, Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY, 1975. 384p. VG+/VG+. ... $10

(5772) Darlington, David: AREA 51: THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES. Hardcover. Henry Holt, 1997. 1 st ed. 281p. NF/NF. The history, legends, characters involved at American’s most secret military base. ... $10

(5773) Mecklin, John Moffatt: THE KU KLUX KLAN: A STUDY OF THE AMERICAN MIND. Hardcover. Harcourt, Brace, 1924. 244p. Some staining on edges, otherwise VG. ... $12.50


(5775) McIlhany II, William H.: KLANDESTINE: THE UNTOLD STORY OF DELMAR DENNIS AND HIS ROLE IN THE FBI’S WAR AGAINST THE KU KLUX KLAN. Hardcover. Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY, 1975. 255p.

VG+/VG+, inscribed by McIlhany and Dennis ... $30

VG+/VG+ ... $15

(5776) Carter, Mark: DUAL IDENTITY: A STORY OF THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATIONS, THE CIA, THE FBI, AND THE AMERICA YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW. LSC. Self-published, 2005. 70p. Photographs are used to suggest a whole series of people were working under two different names during John Kennedy’s assassination. ... $25

(5777) JUDYTH VARY BAKER (DVD). Video testimony of Judyth Baker about her relationship with Oswald and New Orleans days. Includes interviews with Edward Haslam, Lynda Bauer, and Debbee Reynolds. 2005... $20

(5778) Lavine, Sigmund A.: ALLAN PINKERTON: AMERICA’S FIRST PRIVATE EYE. Hardcover. Hammond, London, 1963. 241p. VG+/VG+. Includes story of preventing an attempted assassination of Abraham Lincoln. ... $12.50

(14) Evica, George Michael: AND WE ARE ALL MORTAL. LSC original. University of Hartford, Hartford CT, 1978. 1 st ed. 465p. NF. Makes use of previously unreleased FBI documents. Sheds new light on “second Oswald” sightings. … $25

(992) Meagher, Sylvia: ACCESSORIES AFTER THE FACT. LSC. Vintage, New York, 1992. 477p. NF. Preface by Senator Richard Schweiker. Intro by Peter Dale Scott. Classic indictment of the Warren Commission. … $25

(4355) Schotz, E. Martin: HISTORY WILL NOT ABSOLVE US: ORWELLIAN CONTROL, PUBLIC DENIAL, AND THE MURDER OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY. Hardcover. Kurtz, Ulmer and DeLucia, Brookline, MA, 1996. 326p. NF/NF. Includes material by Vincent Salandria, Christopher Sharrett, Fred J. Cook, and Raymond Marcus. … $27.50

(4033) Twyman, Noel: BLOODY TREASON: THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY. Hardcover. Laurel, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, 1997. 960p. NF/VG+. Signed by Twyman. Twenty-six full-color Z frames. Rightwing extremists in Dallas and New Orleans met with CIA operatives, assassination of Kennedy discussed, contract offers made. Documents show that Johnson used nuclear war scare to intimidate key people in Dallas and Washington. Author proves the alteration of the Zapruder film, films released from the archives corroborate Lifton’s discovery that Kennedy’s body was modified to conceal evidence. … $150

(5779) Cade, Jack (pseudonym of Noel Twyman): SECRETO: THE STRANGE CASE OF THE FISHERMAN’S SON. Hardcover. Laurel Mystery Books, San Diego, 2005. 240p. NF/NF. Signed by author. Four years after 9/11, the White House has created small secret teams of private agents in major cities of the US to work with police and discover plots in their infancy. … $24

(5780) Palermo, Joseph A.: IN HIS OWN RIGHT: THE POLITICAL ODYSSEY OF SENATOR ROBERT F. KENNEDY. Hardcover. Columbia University Press, New York, 2001. 1 st ed. 349p. NF/NF. Chronicles RFK’s journey from Cold Warrior to grassroots activist. … $15

(5781) Claire, Rodger W.: RAID ON THE SUN. Hardcover. Broadway Books, New York, 2004. 259p. NF/NF. Israeli Air Force eliminates Baghdad-based reactor producing weapons grade plutonium in June 1981. … $9

(5782) Orlando, Leoluca: FIGHTING THE MAFIA AND RENEWING SICILIAN CULTURE. Hardcover. Encounter Books, San Francisco, 2001. 222p. NF/NF. Mayor of Palermo takes on the Mob, centered in Corleone, and exposes longstanding Italian political corruption. … $9

(5783) Coleman, Dr. John: THE CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300. 4 th ED. LSC. WIK, Carson City, 1997. 305p. NF. Expose of Secret Society that runs the world, includes 16p. appendix on how the Kennedy assassination was carried out by MI6. … $12.50

(5784) Perez, Louis A., Jr.: CUBA BETWEEN EMPIRES 1878-1902. Hardcover. University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 1983. 490p. NF/NF. Story of relations between Cuba, Spain and the United States. Much on the Cuban War for Independence. … $12.50

(5785) Moscow, Alvin: MERCHANTS OF HEROIN. Hardcover. Dial Press, New York, 1968. 276p. VG+/VG+. Poppy farmers in Turkey, Syrian smugglers, corrupt government officials in the Near East and organizations of syndicated crime in France, Canada, Mexico, and the United States all play their part. They were in a continual battle with the Federal Narcotics Bureau. … $12.50.

(5786) FAIR PLAY (NEWSLETTER FOR FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA COMMITTEE, NEW YORK). From Dec. 31, 1960, to September 16, 1961. Six different issues, each $10.

(5787) Student Council, FPCC: NEWSLETTER (FOR FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA STUDENT COUNCIL, NEW YORK). From Jan. 13, 1961, to Oct. 28, 1961. Five different issues, each $10.

(5788) Tampa Bay Chapter, Fair Play for Cuba: BI-LINGUAL NEWS LETTER. From Jan. 1963 to May 1963. Four different issues, $10 each.

(5789) WHY DO LATIN AMERICANS HATE AND FEAR THE UNITED STATES? A speech by Ray Duren, poet and author, to Fair Play for Cuba Committee, 1961. Includes Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen’s poem, Little Red. … $10

(5790) FIDEL CASTRO: CUBA’S SOCIALIST DESTINY JULY 26, 1961. Fair Play for Cuba Committee, 1961. 19p. … $10

(3742) Haslam, Edward T.: MARY, FERRIE AND THE MONKEY VIRUS: THE STORY OF AN UNDERGROUND MEDICAL LABORATORY. LSC. Wordsworth Communications, Bradenton, FL, 1999. 143p. NF. David Ferrie plays a pivotal role in medical-political alliance. Dr. Mary Sherman, noted cancer researcher, is murdered. Both are tied in with Dr. Alton Oschner and the New Orleans plotters that Garrison uncovered. AIDS may jave been a byproduct of the hunt for anti-cancer vaccine. … $20

(5791) DeCamp, John W.: THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP: CHILD ABUSE, SATANISM AND MURDER IN NEBRASKA. LSC. AWT, Inc., Lincoln, NE, 1996. 411p. NF. … $10

(5792) Longford, Lord: KENNEDY. Hardcover. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1976. 223p. VG+/VG+. 1 st ed. English biographer relates how Kennedy grew into a statesman. … $15

(5793) Long, Huey Pierce: MY FIRST DAYS IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Hardcover. Telegraph, Press, Harrisburg, PA, 1935. 146p. VG+/VG+. 1 st ed. Long’s plan to implement Share Our Wealth, published after his assassination. … $35

(5794) Elwonger, Steve: …IN THE LINE OF DUTY. Hardcover. Taylor, Dallas, 1991. 132p. NF/No dustjacket. A list of 61 Dallas police officers who fell in the line of duty. Includes 2p. chapter on J.D. Tippit. … $17.50

(5795) Peebles, Curtis: SHADOW FLIGHTS: AMERICA’S SECRET AIR WAR AGAINST THE SOVIET UNION. Hardcover. Presidio, 2000. 322p. NF/NF. Includes much material on the U-2 and overflights. … $11

(5796) Hersha, Cheryl and Lynn Hersha, with Dale Griffis and Ted Schwarz: SECRET WEAPONS: TWO SISTERS’ TERRIFYING TRUE STORY OF SEX, SPIES AND SABOTAGE. New Horizon Press, Far Hills, NJ. 426p. Two women relate their stories as subjects of CIA mind control experiments. … $11

(5741) Estes, Billie Sol: A TEXAS LEGEND: THE MAN WHO KNOWS WHO SHOT JFK. Hardback, Billie Sol Estes, 1 st ed. 2005. Granbury , TX . 173 pgs. VG+/VG+. Signed by author. Story of Texas politics, murder and cover-ups. Implicates LBJ and Cliff Carter in the assassination. … $30.

(5742) Estes, Pam. BILLIE SOL: KING OF TEXAS WHEELER-DEALERS. Hardback, PAMELACO, 2 nd ed. 2004. Granbury , TX . 211 pgs. VG+/VG+. Signed by Billie Sol. Foreword by Billie Sol. Epilogue deals with assassination. … $25.

(5737) Palamara, Vincent: SURVIVOR’S GUILT. LSC, privately published, 2005. Pittsburgh , PA. 276 pgs. Signed by author. Updated version of The Third Alternative, the only comprehensive work about the role of the Secret Service in Dallas. Includes an additional 40 interviews. …$30.

(5738) Palamara, Vincent: JFK: THE MEDICAL EVIDENCE REFERENCES: WHO’S WHO IN THE MEDICAL EVIDENCE, PRINCIPAL WITNESSES FROM NOVEMBER 22, 1963 . LSC, privately published, 2005. Pittsburgh , PA. 175 pgs. F. Signed by author. Updated version of 1998 book. … $25.